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Perjury Trap: Hillary Clinton May Lose FBI Primary if She Lied to Agents

© AP Photo / Charlie NeibergallThe Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation will continue to accept donations from a limited group of foreign countries - mainly from six nations in particular - despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has officially announced her bid for the US presidency.
The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation will continue to accept donations from a limited group of foreign countries - mainly from six nations in particular - despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has officially announced her bid for the US presidency. - Sputnik International
In most major successful cases brought by federal law enforcement, the perpetrator is not prosecuted for the underlying crime that they were being investigated for but rather for lying to and misleading FBI agents.

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On Saturday, the FBI grilled Hillary Clinton for nearly four hours as part of a criminal investigation into the former Secretary of State’s "homebrew" private email server that opponents contend placed US national secrets in the hands of foreign hackers as well as a growing investigation into whether the Democratic nominee abused her office in providing personal favors to donors of the Clinton Foundation.

The cacophony of potential charges against the least trusted figure ever in American politics according to recent polling data could easily be proven based on publicly accessible information disclosed during the ongoing investigation. Ultimately, however, it may not be Hillary’s email that takes her down but rather her so-called "honesty" gap – if she lied to federal officials she walked straight into a "perjury trap."

That’s how legal experts across the country described the FBI interview of Hillary Clinton noting that the majority of successful white collar criminal cases end in a prosecution for unlawfully lying or misleading federal agents rather than the underlying crime for which the officials are investigating.

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If Hillary Clinton walked headlong into a perjury trap it would appear that the mainstream media has joined her with major news outlets citing unnamed 'sources' who say that the former Secretary of State will skirt an indictment for reasons they are unable to explain.

What is known is that her husband, Bill Clinton met secretly with Attorney General Loretta Lynch this week in her private plane which was conveniently stopped at the same Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport tarmac that the former president was waiting at. The conversation inside the plane lasted for thirty minutes, but the Attorney General claims somewhat outlandishly that the pending investigation against Hillary never came up.

However, noting that the meeting had the appearance of impropriety, the Attorney General promised to take a “step back” follow the recommendation of FBI officials who are rumored to believe that a failure to indict the former First Lady would be a gross miscarriage of justice.

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The walk back was walked back once again by DOJ officials who said that the ultimate decision would rest with Loretta Lynch who would remain in the loop on the case with many viewing the move as both a sign of rank corruption in the system and an indicator that FBI Director James Comey would not be allowed to pursue charges.

Still, the case against Hillary is ironclad with at least 47 CIA agents lives known to have been placed in peril by Secretary Clinton’s grossly negligent handling of her emails and with classified, secret, top secret, and beyond top secret information that is supposed to remain in a secure facility found on her email server.

Former President Bill Clinton stands on stage with his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. - Sputnik International
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It is also well established that there were repeated attempts to hack the former Secretary of State’s completely unsecured server forcing State Department officials at one point to forcefully unplug the system to limit the damage caused by a potential breach. Despite this knowledge, Hillary Clinton continued to use the unsecured system to mask her data from Freedom of Information Act laws. 

And so the question that remains is not whether Hillary lied to FBI agents, although many would say that there is a fairly high likelihood that she did based on past history, but rather with all of the evidence against Clinton whether the FBI or the Attorney General ultimately have the upper hand in deciding her fate.

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