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Clinton Foundation 'Illegal Slush Fund for Dictators' - Ex-Wall Street Executive

© AFP 2023 / TIMOTHY A. CLARYThis file photo taken on January 07, 2016 shows a street sign at the corner of Wall and Broad Street across from the New York Stock Exchange
This file photo taken on January 07, 2016 shows a street sign at the corner of Wall and Broad Street across from the New York Stock Exchange - Sputnik International
According to a former Wall Street hedge fund manager and financial analyst, the Clinton Foundation is used by tyrants and despots worldwide to get an access to Washington.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The Clinton Foundation is a service offering corruption and slush funds for the use of tyrants and despots around the world on a scale never before seen in history, former Wall Street hedge fund manager and financial analyst Mitch Feierstein told Sputnik.

"The Clinton Foundation is an international illegal slush fund for despots and dictators used to sell favors and gain access to Washington, Feierstein, author of "Planet Ponzi" and a hedge fund manager who has spent 37 years working in the financial markets in London, New York and Tokyo, said.

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton - Sputnik International
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"It is a cover up unequalled in history and none of the US media wants to cover it," he added.

Feierstein said younger US voters remained ignorant of the decades of earlier documented scandals that had plagued former President Bill Clinton and his wife, current Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, throughout their careers.

"Younger voters do not know the Clintons’ track record or their 30 years of criminality; which explains the push to get out the millennial vote," Feierstein said.

Clinton enjoyed the powerful support of the US financial leadership because of her willingness to do whatever they wanted, Feierstein stated.

"Wall Street backs Hillary Clinton because Wall Street wants ‘certainty’ or a ‘rigged game’. In our lifetime, no other politicians (other than Clinton Incorporated) have made pay-to-play available. Hillary Clinton has a career track record of doing whatever the banks pay her to do," he said.

Feierstein pointed out the WikiLeaks revelations of the texts of speeches Clinton had secretly given to top New York bankers exposed her dependence on them.

"How can anyone believe that Goldman Sachs paid Hillary Clinton $250,000 for a speech and expected nothing in return?" he asked.

Bill Clinton receives the Salute to Greatness Award in January, 2015. - Sputnik International
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Feierstein noted that Clinton also benefited from the support not just of moguls controlling the main broadcast and print media outlets in the United States, but also from the commitment of popular satirical entertainers to her.

"Most Americans regard Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon, John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah as legitimate news sources rather than obvious propaganda bullhorns they are," Feierstein explained.

Clinton, working closely with her husband, expressed the terminal corruption of the US political system and its disregard for the wishes and needs of the American public, Feierstein insisted.

"Hillary and Bill are terminal forms of cancer, dredged out of Washington's cesspool of corruption. While [Republican presidential nominee Donald] Trump may not be perfect, he's a better option than terminal cancer," Feierstein added.

The United States remained deep in a structural economic crisis and claims of economic recovery under President Barack Obama were just empty propaganda without any truth or substance, Feierstein further stated.

"Obama has lied, again, to America about a fake economic recovery during his eight years in office. Obama’s claims of 14 million jobs created are simply untrue. There are millions of ‘bread winner’ jobs that will never came back," he said.

The low level of labor participation in the US work force has not been as bad since 1977 when President Jimmy Carter was in the White House, Feierstein recalled.

After eight years of Obama’s presidency, Wall Street remained untouchable and not a single financial executive had ever been tried or convicted for their role in causing the 2008 financial meltdown, the worst since the 1929-32 Wall Street Crash and Great Depression, Feierstein pointed out.

"Wall Street remains above the law. Zero bankers went to jail for their role in the 2008 financial crisis. My book ‘Planet Ponzi’ identifies the need for transparency and accountability — we do not have either in Wall Street," he said.

The US financial structure remained a ‘rigged’ regulatory system functioning freely within Washington’s partisan dysfunctional pay-to-play swamp, Feierstein explained.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks during the third and final 2016 presidential campaign debate with Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump (not pictured) at UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, October 19, 2016. - Sputnik International
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Obama has repeatedly said he has reduced the exercise of unaccountable presidential power by reducing his use of executive orders issued from the White House, but this was just another falsehood, Feierstein observed.

"Obama’s claim that he has cut down the number of executive orders being issued is yet another material misstatement because he never mentions his Presidential memoranda that do not require the same reporting," he said.

Presidential executive decisions include not only the formal executive orders, but also executive memoranda, Feierstein noted.

"It is likely that Obama has issued more of these than all the 43 presidents who preceded him combined," he added.

The US corporate mainstream media is trying hard to protect Hillary Clinton from the exposures of her many scandals involving claims of corruption and failed policies, Feierstein remarked.

"We have never witnessed this extent of media bias in our lifetime," he said.

It was another objective of Team Clinton to conflate issues in peoples’ minds such as undermining the Benghazi hearings into the murder of US Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and his guards while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, Feierstein commented.

Clinton’s record of public service spanning more than three decade s had been consistently filled with outrageous scandals, mistakes and claims of corruption that had never been properly probed, Feierstein insisted.

"Hillary Clinton’s 30-year resume in Washington (and Arkansas) scandals, bungles and corruption allegations that were never adequately investigated: The list is almost too long to count," he said.

Those scandals included Whitewater, File-Gate, the death of Vince Foster, Sniper-Gate, the Pork Bellies scandal, pay-for-play in the State Department, the use of private server for official business, erased official emails, the Benghazi controversy and the way in which most prosecutions over these issues were avoided, Feierstein continued.

"It just doesn’t stop," he stated.

Obama and Hillary Clinton approved a record $1.4 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia while she was secretary of state, Feierstein went on.

"At the same time Hillary and the Clinton Foundation were filling their pockets with Saudi Arabia’s ‘contributions.’ Saudi Arabia is her biggest contributor and it is a country that throws homosexuals off buildings, where women and minorities have no rights," Feierstein said.

Clitnon’s four year record as secretary of state under Obama should have disqualified her from running as a presidential candidate, Feierstain maintained.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton looks at a computer screen (File) - Sputnik International
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"A secretary of state that sells favors to global despots and dictators with impunity is not acceptable, it’s criminal. In a country with 'a rule of law' that person should be disqualified from running for president and prosecuted," he said.

The Clintons had proven highly successful for decades in blunting or diverting legitimate criticisms and preventing any serious scrutiny of their personal financial dealings, Feierstein demonstrated.

"The Clinton playbook, for the past 30 years, for dealing criticisms and exposure of their scandals, has largely remained the same; Bill and Hillary or their proxies accuse their accusers of the very things they themselves are guilty of but do it louder and in a more arrogant manner," he described the Clintons’ approach.

Feierstein described this technique to avoid accountability and prosecution a "Four Ds" strategy.

"I call this Clinton scheme the four Ds — Divert, Deflect, Deceive and Deny. Accuse your accuser of exactly what you are doing," he said.

Hillary Clinton stated during the third presidential debate with Donald Trump on October 20 that everything she did as secretary of state was in furtherance of American interests.

She also noted then that she is proud of the work of the Clinton Foundation and characterized the organization as a world renowned charity with highest ratings given by foundation watchdogs. She pointed out that the Foundation has enabled, among other pursuits, treatment for 11 million people infected with HIV/AIDS.

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