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Obama and Fukushima, the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Obama and Fukushima, the gift that keeps on giving
Radiation from Fukushima has now officially entered the food chain, while Obama continues to pollute the geopolitical waters with his actions. Can both be fixed?

The man, who had worked hard all year, was waiting on edge for some time for a delivery, heard the doorbell ring and quickly opened the front door. The delivery guy, apologized and mumbled — “I have a delivery for Clark W. Grismond”, before handing the man an envelope. Slowly in the background, a mixture of hero and hope and holiday cheer music set the scene. The man’s eyes grew bigger as his extended family gathered around. Before opening it, he announced that he had had big plans, and with the Christmas bonus, was going to install a pool. He said that because he had wanted to move the project forward and because he didn’t have enough money in his bank account, he had floated a large check, but now everything was ok. The family was overly excited and cheered out loud. The man upped the ante, and announced that if the bonus was large enough, he was going to fly in every single family member for the pool dedication. To drumroll, the man, better known as to the rest of the world as Clark Griswold, opened the envelope, read what was there, and became silent. He began to sigh, and did it several times. Slowly, the family members realized something was wrong, as Clark walked across the room, still staring at the check in his hands. The wife nervously stated —“It’s bigger than you expected? Smaller? What is it?” Shaking his head, the reality of the situation slowly sank in. Quietly, and pensively, the wife asks — “What is it?” Clark haltingly responds in disbelief, “It is a one year gift subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club”. Cousin Eddie, in his usual good natured but clumsy and short-sighted manner, says — “Clark, that is the gift that keeps on giving”. And that, dear listeners, is where our story starts this week.

Fukushima, as you may recall, was an accident at a Japanese nuclear complex back in 2011. A combination of an earthquake and a tsunami damaged the facility, allowing radioactive water to pour into the ocean. In fact, ABC news reported that — “The 2011 quake of magnitude-9 was the strongest quake ever recorded in Japan, and it generated a tsunami that knocked out the Fukushima plant, causing the worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl a quarter of a century earlier.”

Since then, there have been various plans to stabilize the situation, but all have failed. Robots sent in to find the cores have failed. The National Post wrote that — “It takes two years to build them. Each operator trains for a month before picking up their controls. And they get fried by radiation after working for just 10 hours.” That’s right. In just 10 hours, the robots are so damaged, they don’t work. In fact, the article continued by writing — “The reason the robots need to get inside core is that officials need to locate the plant’s melted (and still very radioactive) fuel rods before they can plan on what to do next”.

Wait, you might be asking yourself, what about the ice wall? Well, RT reported that — “In March, (a Japanese) construction company began building the frozen wall of earth around the four damaged nuclear reactors and had completed most of the 1.5-km (1 mile) barrier. TEPCO hoped that the frozen earth barrier would thwart most of the groundwater from reaching the plant and divert it into the ocean instead. However, little or no success was recorded in the wall’s ability to block the groundwater during the five-month-period. The amount of groundwater reaching the plant has not changed after the wall was built.” That’s right. This plan has also failed.

And while media has effectively been silent on the issue, it does pop up from time to time, such as this article in Science World Report — “(a) Woods Hole chemical oceanographer, tracked down the radiation plume in the seawater. He proposed that the (contaminated) seawater crossed the Pacific Ocean and reached (America’s) west coast.” In fact, that article revealed that — “the seawater samples collected last winter from the Tillamook Bay and Gold Beach in the west coast indicated the presence of low levels of nuclear radiations. Thankfully, the levels were calculated too low to cause any harmful impact on the human or animal population of the region.” But that is missing the point – radiation has now officially entered the food chain.

Although the article in Science World Report notes that the levels were low, it should also be noted that their samples were all the way across the ocean. What if they took a sample in other places? Surely, logic would dictate that it would become stronger, the closer one gets to Japan. It should also be noted that radioactive water continues to pour into the ocean on a daily, hourly, and by the minute basis. That hasn’t stopped. It is happening right now. It happens while you sleep. It happens while you are awake. It happens even if no one is talking about it and has been happening for more than 5 years, and there is no plan to stop it.

And speaking of stopping it, or of just not stopping it. The Obama administration continues to push the party of line of Russian hacking/interference in the US presidential elections. In fact, Obama, just days away from leaving the White House, just imposed new sanctions and expelled 35 Russian diplomats and their families from America. And while that may or may not be justified, it should also be noted that no proof of the so-called Russian hacking has been released.

What there is proof of, however, is that Obama has destroyed the Democrat Party. Over the last 8 years, his party has continued to lose seats across all levels of the government, from the local, to the state, to the Senate and Congress. Could it be because they have lost touch with the American people? Could it be because they no longer represent the values and wishes of the electorate? Couldn’t it also be, much like it is taught in Alcoholics Anonymous, that the first step is admitting you have a problem? That you are solely responsible for your actions? And that you can’t project your problems onto others?

As the final days both to the year and the Obama administration tick down, many are left wondering if the known and unknown effects of Obama’s policies, much like Fukushima, will be able to be cleaned up by rational adults that understand the problem for what it is. Who knows. Or maybe, just like when Clark looked out the window to see cousin Eddie emptying his RVs septic tank into the neighborhood sewage drain, which later led to the Griswold’s Christmas tree that they had worked so hard to bring home being destroyed, Obama’s short sighted polices will explode in the future, with America, and specifically Trump, left holding the bag.

So, what do you think dear listeners — “Are Obama and Fukushima the gifts that keep on giving?”

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