Sacrificed for the EU-NATO Axis: Europe's Women Branded Whores and Liars

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EU-NATO cyber trolls claim new wave of migrant sex attacks just pro-Kremlin fake news.

A slick online campaign to discredit euroskeptics has hundreds of paid EU cyber warriors turning their guns on Europe’s terrified women in an effort to airbrush migrant sex crimes. And yet this is just one battlefield in what all are agreed is the Great Cyber War of 2017.  

Police patrols at the reopened Christmas market near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin on December 22, 2016 - Sputnik International
Dozens of Sex Attacks Registered in Berlin Despite 'Tough' Security Measures
In a disturbing new twist to the EU’s burgeoning epidemic of migrant sex attacks, a powerful network of pro-NATO think tanks dedicated to launching ‘total war’ against Russia are scrambling an army of cyber spooks in a frantic bid to play down the upsurge in migrant-related crime over the New Year.    

Cold war hawks from think tanks including the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) and the Legatum Institute have opened up a new front in their longstanding information war against both Russia and euroskeptics: the categorization of media reports on migrant criminality as a combination of ‘fake news’ and ‘far-right xenophobia.’

High Stakes

The think tanks, the nervous system of a network of lobbyists that links the eurocrats with Washington, are funded by the titans of the US arms and energy industries. The avowed mission of these policy advocates is to preserve the EU, regardless of the social cost, as a market for US defence contractors and LNG suppliers. The system is underpinned not only by political alliances between US neocons and democrats and their counterparts in NATO’s capitals- but by an intricate web of personal contacts built up since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the voluntary retreat of the Soviet Union from Eastern Europe.     

Polish-American top Project Fear strategist Anne Applebaum, a Pulitzer prize-winning historian and aficionado of the totalitarian era, is a leading influence within the Warsaw-based CEPA think tank.  Ms. Applebaum has built her entire literary career upon blurring the boundaries between the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.

December 1, 2016. Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his Annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly at the Kremlin's St. George Hall. - Sputnik International
Decades After End of Cold War 'Lost in Vain' - Putin
In similar fashion, Brexit, and now the Trump victory, are no outpouring of grassroots democracy, according to her narrative, but sinister international conspiracies against the established world order that must be smashed. For Anne Applebaum, innocent popular democracy is nothing but an extended metaphor for counterrevolutionary subversion. Needless to say, that’s the very thing she’s been trying to export to Russia for the last 15 years.      

Chillingly, Ms. Applebaum, whose bunker mentality reflects that of the beleaguered communist leaders in the last days of the Warsaw Pact that she is so fascinated with as a historian, views truth as a commodity that is wholly conditioned by ideology. Thusly, UKIP are what she has branded “a strange coalition of cranks, cheats, and open racists.

In September 2016, Applebaum, formerly one of the most respected authorities on the Cold War tweeted: “UKIP is now the functional equivalent of the Soviet era British Communist Party. It promotes foreign despotism.” In an ideological contortion act, while slamming simple British patriots seeking only to recover a modicum of self determination, Applebaum is an ardent supporter of Ukraine’s ultra-nationalists.

NATO’S Wicked Witch of Eastern Europe

A billboard showing a pictures of US president-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen through pedesterians in Danilovgrad, Montenegro, November 16, 2016 - Sputnik International
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If Ms. Applebaum’s mindset is more Erich Honecker than Ronald Reagan as she confronts the rising tide of people power in the EU, there is an infinitely darker rubric at hand than anything represented by the benign Warsaw Pact: Lifting the concept straight out of Goebbels’ infamous 1943 Sportpalast speech, Applebaum, in August 2014, called for ‘total war’ against Russia in an article written for her home paper- the Washington Post.  

But what would total war against Russia look like? One where Warsaw might get the chance to use those patriot missiles Applebaum’s own husband, the former Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski, brought to Poland years before tensions flared in Ukraine?

Do you want Total War?

Applebaum’s threat of total war shows that the Crimean crisis was the pretext the EU-NATO Axis’ ideologues had been searching for all along. Their aim is not simply to preserve the EU- it is to negate Russian sovereign democracy. This is why being a euroskeptic while remaining pro-NATO is untenable. It’s a cruel contradiction.

NATO is not a force for regional stability- how can it be when Applebaum and the ideologues around her from Clinton to McCain hold these delusional, hegemonic views?  

For the record, as Ms. Applebaum knows, Russia has faced military aggression on many previous occasions. As in the past, the response would be decisive. This video is about the Battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle of all time. It’s a slight cinematic glimpse into total war- but the reality is something even Anne Applebaum, for all her gentle research, is unable to imagine.   

The official welcome ceremony for the US troops convoy in Zagan, Poland, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017 - Sputnik International
US Military in Europe: Deterring Russia Has Failed, Containment on the Way
Is pushing the world to this through such violent language, military posturing, and disregard for sovereign rights what the EU means by an ‘eastern partnership?’ Do the warmongering views being touted without any real pushback of the type that was commonplace in the 70s during detente make us in Western Europe, who have no legitimate quarrel with Russia, safe or unsafe? Of course, the answer is obvious.            

It’s at this point that the humble euroskeptic begins to realize that the coercive machinery of political correctness is based on preserving the geopolitical basis of the EU-NATO Axis, rather than any deference to liberal humanism. After all, where is the humanism in total war against Russia? Where is the humanism in airbrushing the mass rape of women from Sweden to Bavaria?

Thusly, both Brexit and the Trump campaign have been marred by accusations that they have led to an uptick in hate crime. It’s interesting to note that Anne Applebaum enjoys unique access to the Polish Embassy in London- which was a center of post-Brexit outrage- just as she does with the Washington Post which was the first to run claims that the Vermont power grid had been subject to ‘Russian hacking.’

 And yet, in both cases, these hyper-partisan accusations were found to be demonstrably false: In the UK, the BBC is slowly being forced to concede that the tragic murder of a Polish man, Arkadiusz Jozwik, by a 15-year-old punk in Essex was not somehow inspired by Brexit.

Equally, the Washington Post’s so called ‘Russian cyber hack’ of a Vermont utilities provider was in reality nothing of the kind. If Ms. Applebaum, a vociferous Clintonite, is only an irrelevant circumstantial link between these two episodes of unfettered information warfare- the mentalities that conjured up these fake stories exist on a single vector- as do their reactionary political objectives.         

While sniveling that she has been the victim of ‘a Russian smear campaign’ Ms. Applebaum has had no compunction in agitating against democracy on both sides of the Atlantic: In the UK, she has, quite laughably, targeted the Daily Mail as ‘a newspaper that propagates the ideas of the Populist International.’

Donald Trump is shown on TV monitors in the media filing room on the campus of University of Nevada, Las Vegas, during the last 2016 U.S. presidential debate in Las Vegas, US, October 19, 2016. - Sputnik International
Donald Trump and the Humiliation of the MSM 'Experts'
From there it’s just a short step to the criminalization of euroskeptic ideas- even in the British mainstream media. As in the United States, this can be achieved through accusations of hate crime, treason, and sympathy with what Applebaum calls the Popular International- all show trialed by the liberal mainstream media. None of this can be justified by what Applebaum and her fellow experts in Soviet history in the think tanks refer to as ‘defending European values.’ Is it any accident that Anna Fotyga, who seeks to suppress RT for its unbiased reporting on euroskeptic issues, is a close friend of Anne Applebaum? Let’s call them the Warsaw set for convenience.  

The reporting of migrant sex attacks is now a political act. It is an act of resistance. Superficially, the culprit is political correctness but that is merely the outer layer of the onion- meant to mobilize leftist street support in defence of the EU and a rationale for local police chiefs to both suppress the news and advance their own careers in a way that is, ironically, contrived to be morally uplifting.  

Police patrols on December 20, 2016 a Christmas market in Vienna, the day after a terror attack in Berlin's Christmas market - Sputnik International
It’s Happened Again: Austrian NYE Sex Assaults Flashback to Cologne Crimes
Behind the PC veil lurk the deep state, the arms industry, the transatlantic political cartels, the energy moghuls, all of whom rely on the likes of CEPA and a plethora of other think tanks to shape public policy on anything from how migrant sex attacks should be reported, or not as the case may be, to how defending EU free movement is the only way to insulate the Polish economy from its crippling defence budget.    

Working at the gritty end, the cyber trolls of EUvsDisinfo are busily claiming that an incident in Dortmund, where a 1,000-strong mob of migrants went on the rampage, never even took place. Merely mentioning the alleged rape of a girl in Muehdorf on social media was deemed a criminal offence by the Bavarian State Police. As in any totalitarian infrastructure, petty officials soon learn to comply with expectations- or as Russians say ‘the fish always rots from the top.’ The role of the EU-Atlantacist think tanks is to ensure that the fish putrefies in its absolute entirety and that the whole pond is irreversibly polluted.     

And yet as 2017 unfolds, the truth is leaking out. And for the anti-Russian think tanks and their attendant cyber trolls- it’s the last thing they wish to hear. In a terrible irony, those neocon historians who have studied the horrors of the 20th century’s trampling of the individual are subconsciously resurrecting the dark arts of totalitarian manipulation as they erase the suffering of countless women while projecting their own inherent venality onto the Kremlin leadership.     

In Innsbruck as the New Year bells chimed, dozens of women were sexually assaulted even as 90 policemen looked on. In Chemnitz a girl was ambushed. In Neumarkt, another young lady was attacked. In both Hamburg and Augsburg women reported numerous sex offences in Tahrir style crowd violence that singled out females. Meanwhile, in France, the europhile media maintained a stoic silence as over a thousand cars were torched.

Dirty Money?

Anne Applebaum takes those she can fool to the brink of a massive cultural showdown between the West and Russia- a lofty clash between Muscovy’s autocracy and the EU’s liberal values; but this is a mere prelude to her claim that all the Kremlin really wants is a safe haven for its money. For Applebaum, in the ultimate damp squib of a finale, Russia is finally revealed in her last act as nothing more than a petty kleptocracy. For someone who knows Russian history so well, it’s a flawed conclusion that could have only been reached through the deepest psychological projection of her own materialism. For years, rumors have swirled about Applebaum’s financial dealings and the unaccounted for $800,000 that appeared in her bank accounts for 2014.           

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Chancellor Angela Merkel attend a cabinet meeting at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, January 11, 2017 - Sputnik International
On the Eve of Collapse? EU's Troubles 'Greater Than in Any Time Previously'
If the ailing Schengen Zone is one thing, migrant mayhem in the militarily sensitive areas of Poland and the Baltic States are given special attention by the Pro-NATO think tanks with CEPA running a weekly rundown on euroskepticism in nations that are increasingly questioning the viability of the Faustian pact that sees them trading their traditional values for NATO’s protection from an imaginary Russian threat.  Like the STASI, or the SECURITATE, CEPA monitors the pulse beat of public opinion- as does EUvsDisinfo. Tellingly, CEPA’s reports on migrant sex crimes on NATO’s Eastern Flanks, which are always airbrushed as ‘Russian disinformation,’ are coldly filed under ‘Information Warfare Initiative.’  

And that is precisely how the EU’s leading Russophobes including Edward Lucas, Ben Nimmo, Peter Pomerantsev, Ben Judah, Mark Galeotti, and Anne Applebaum see the reporting of migrant criminality: not as a human tragedy, that of the needless suffering of the innocent individual, but as a mere radar blip on the battleboard of total war against the Russian Federation.  And if nothing else convinces you in all of this that the EU-NATO Axis is already on the path to the totalitarian repression of its own people — then that should.       

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

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