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Looking Forward to That Robot Communism

Looking Forward to that Robot Communism
The dangers of ODNI's election interference report.

Last week's ODNI release described critical reporting as a form of election interference. That's just one of many bone-headed calculations by the intelligence community.

No time to breathe after the holidays. The Trump cabinet is being rammed through the Senate this week; possibly illegally.

Also, free money for just being alive? That's the way it should be! We talk to writer and welfare researcher Matt Bruenig later in the show about a little proposal called Universal Basic Income. It might sound radical now, but it could be the only way to defend against total social upheaval in our robot-dominated future.

And finally, looks like millennials might soon be more capable of bonding with their Baby Boomer Parents. For we, too, look to be on the verge of fearing nuclear annihilation. Just kidding. Or are we? Check out the latest Classified Session to find out.

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