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North Korea Crisis: Pyongyang's Latest Ballistic Missile Test Ends in Failure

© AP Photo / Lee Jin-man A man watches a TV news program reporting about North Korea's missile firing with a file footage, at Seoul Train Station in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, April 29, 2017.
A man watches a TV news program reporting about North Korea's missile firing with a file footage, at Seoul Train Station in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, April 29, 2017. - Sputnik International
Another ballistic missile test by North Korea ended in an apparent failure on Saturday when the projectile broke up over land minutes after the liftoff, assessments by its neighbors show.

B-2 Stealth Bomber. - Sputnik International
‘US Strategic Assets’ to Be Deployed In South Korea Against Northern Threat
MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The missile was launched from the Pukchang airfield north of Pyongyang at around 5:30 a.m. local time and reportedly travelled 20 to 30 miles over land. It did not reach the Sea of Japan.

"The missile did not leave North Korean territory," the US Pacific Command (PACOM) stated after confirming the launch.

US, South Korean and Japanese militaries said they were assessing launch data. If confirmed, this will be the third test this month, after two previous launches on April 5 and April 16 also failed.

The projectile is believed to be a land-based KN-17 intermediate ballistic missile, a type of Scud that can be used to target ships, US and South Korean militaries said.


A North Korean flag behind the barbed wire of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZS) in the Joint Security Area near Panmunjom on the border between North and South Korea - Sputnik International
Denuclearization is Key: US 'Will Not Reward N Korea's Bad Behavior With Talks'
The White House confirmed US President Donald Trump had been briefed about the launch, which took place as a US carrier strike group is poised to be deployed off the Korean peninsula in a show of force.

Trump labeled Pyongyang’s newest missile test a show of disrespect toward its ally China and President Xi Jinping, whom he greeted to his Florida estate earlier this month.

"North Korea disrespected the wishes of China & its highly respected President when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today. Bad!" Trump tweeted.


The spokesman for the Japanese government announced hours after reports of North Korea’s missile test came in that Tokyo had lodged a strong protest with Pyongyang.

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un at a ceremony to open a new residential area on Ryomyong Street in Pyongyang. - Sputnik International
Tillerson: N Korea Strike on US Mainland 'Matter of Time'
Speaking at a press briefing, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that the launch was another provocation and a clear violation of UN resolutions, which prohibit the North from developing ballistic and nuclear technologies.

The news of the launch caused tumult in Japan, with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordering to check on all ships and aircraft, and initiate emergency procedures. Trains in the Tokyo subway were stopped for ten minutes over security concerns.

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