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Latest Round of US Sanctions - the Empire Strikes Back

On this episode, John Wight sits down with Edward Lozansky to discuss not only the significance of this latest round of US sanctions, but also how a world threatened by an empire that is intent on making a desert and calling it peace, can, and should respond.

The significance of the latest round of sanctions imposed by Washington on Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Russia cannot be overstated. They expose the desperation of an empire to reassert full spectrum dominance at a time of deep internal crisis.

Though sanctions may not evoke the same aggression as cruise missiles, they are nonetheless a weapon of war, designed to wreak havoc and disruption to the economies and societies of those countries on the receiving end. In extreme cases, such as Iraq, sanctions also kill. Over the 13 years during which the Iraqi people were subjected to the most savage economic sanctions ever imposed, 2 million people died, half a million of them children.

The question, of course, is why the US is attacking North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Russia and Cuba with sanctions? Those who believe it is because those countries pose a threat to stability, peace, and democracy are prisoners of delusion. In truth, US sanctions are imposed with the objective of maintaining the massive imbalance in wealth and resources which it has enjoyed since the Second World War, and even more so since the demise of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

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