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Wall St. Vultures: Goldman Sachs Sees "Opportunity" as Puerto Rico Sinks

Wall St. Vultures: Goldman Sachs See "Opportunity" as Puerto Rico Sinks
On today’s episode of Loud & Clear, Shawn Garcia, Executive Director of Revolutionary Fitness; Gloria La Riva, who was the Coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five; and Greg Cruz, an activist who will soon be traveling to Puerto Rico to take part in relief efforts, join the show.

In our first hour, we discuss the crisis in Puerto Rico. After the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, there are dire shortages of essential goods and services. On top of this, Puerto Rico is still suffocating under a mountain of debt and the colonial status imposed on it by the United States.

The far right Alternative for Germany has made a breakthrough in last week's election, securing nearly 13 percent of the vote and entering parliament. What's behind the party's stunning rise and deep internal divisions? Marcel Joppa, a journalist and Sputnik News analyst, talks about the issue.

Incumbent Republican Senator Luther Strange has been defeated in a landslide by far right challenger Roy Moore in the Alabama primary election. What does it mean for Trump, McConnell, and the future of politics in the United States? Ray Baker, the host of the podcast Public Agenda, discusses this development.

The Venezuelan opposition has broken off talks with the government that were being held in the Dominican Republic, just weeks ahead of crucial regional elections. Lucas Koerner, a Caracas-based activist and writer for, joins the show.

Saudi Arabia's government has announced that it will legally permit women to drive for the first time following years of protest. But horrific restrictions on women's rights still persist in this close ally of the United States. Catherine Shakdam, a political analyst and author, talks about this issue.

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