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Trump Scores Administration's Response to Puerto Rico a Perfect 10

Trump Scores Administration's Response to Puerto Rico a Perfect 10
Activists work to provide relief to Puerto Rico's poorest; Spain cracks down on Catalonia; Trump's Travel Ban struck down again.

On this episode of "By Any Means Necessary" hosts Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon are joined by Dick Nichols, Spain and Catalonia correspondent for Green Left Weekly to talk about the Spanish government's efforts to control and crush Catalonia's independence movement, efforts by independence activists and organizers to continue to push for Catalonian autonomy, and whether or not negotiations will take place between the Spanish and Catalonian governments.

In the second segment of the show Donna Davis, Co-Founder, Black Lives Matter Tampa to talk about her recent trip to Puerto Rico, the devastation on the island, the contamination of water-sources, the limited reach of international aid towards those most impacted Puerto Ricans, and the continued unseasonable weather which continues to provide an obstacle to provide relief to millions on the island. The group also talks about the ways in which the US continues to force colonial control over the island, FEMA's relationship towards grassroots activists working to organize Puerto Ricans, and efforts to build larger solidarity movements around Puerto Rican independence.

Later in the show hosts Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon are joined by Carl K. Lipscombe, Deputy Director, Black Alliance for Just Immigration to talk about the Federal Judges in Hawaii and Maryland ruling against Donald Trump's latest efforts to advance a US travel ban aimed at Muslim majority countries, Democrats and Republicans bi-partisan anti-immigrant policies, how white supremacy controls which immigrants American's deem to be "good" and "bad" and the limited framing around 'national security' politicians use when advocating for anti-immigrant policies.

In the last hour "By Any Means Necessary" is joined by Delvone Michael, Senior Political Advisor, Working Families Party to talk about white nationalist Richard Spencer's speaking event at the University of Florida, the irony of former President George W Bush speaking out against Trump's bigotry, and the lengths people will go to stand by the politicians that they vote for regardless of what the politician does for them. The group also talks about Gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia, what to make of a series of wins for black progressives in Southern cities in the US, if a wave election in 2018 is to be expected for Democrats, Democratic leadership demanding Angus King and Bernie Sanders to become official Democratic Party members, and Donald Trump's self scoring a perfect 10 in response to his handling of the crisis in Puerto Rico.

Today's talking points touch on the possible resolution to the controversial HB2 bathroom laws in North Carolina, the efforts of the GOP to repeal the estate tax, and the relationship between the opioid crisis and the major spike in Hepatitis C cases in the US.

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