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All Power to the NSA! Congress Set to OK Key Mass Surveillance Program

All Power to the NSA! Congress Set to OK Key Mass Surveillance Program
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Bruce Fein, a constitutional lawyer and a former Assistant Attorney General of the United States, and by Bill Binney, a former NSA technical director and whistleblower.

A bill to renew the controversial Section 702 program — a key part of the mass surveillance state — has been introduced by the House intelligence committee. While members of the committee claim that the law would introduce new measures to safeguard Americans' privacy, the core spying powers of the NSA would be left intact.

In the latest assault on alternative media, RT has had its congressional press credentials revoked. Meanwhile, the Mueller investigation moves forward as Jared Kushner is interviewed. Kevin Zeese, the co-director of Popular Resistance, as well as Paul Street, a journalist, historian and author, whose latest book is "They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy", join the show.

Donald Trump is reportedly planning to replace Rex Tillerson as head of the State Department with Mike Pompeo, who would in turn be replaced as head of the CIA by Senator Tom Cotton. Hardline cold warriors continue to dominate military and foreign policy. Brian and John speak with Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK.

Donald Trump attacked British Prime Minister Theresa May after she condemned his retweets of a leader of the far-right Britain First organization. But May has yet to revoke her invitation to Trump for a meeting. Joining the show is George Galloway, a former member of the British Parliament.

Debate has begun on the floor of the Senate as Republicans attempt to push forward with a massive overhaul of the US tax system that amounts to a huge giveaway to the rich and corporations. Daniel Sankey, financial policy analyst, joins the show.

Speaking to a gathering of African youth in Burkina Faso about the horrific reemergence of the slave trade in Libya, French President Emmanuel Macron said, "it's your fault!" Dr. Gerald Horne, professor at the University of Houston, joins Brian and John to discuss.

Honduran military and police fired tear gas at crowds of demonstrators gathered outside of the electoral authority's headquarters, and opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla denounces fraud allegedly carried out by the country's right-wing president. Chuck Kaufman, the National Co-Coordinator of the Alliance for Global Justice, and Sputnik News analyst Walter Smolarek, join the show.

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