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Trump and Netanyahu: Taking a Scalpel to International Law

The announcement by President Trump that the US will now recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel sent shockwaves across the international community. This week John Wight and Max Blumenthal discuss the repercussions of this move, and whether we will indeed see a third Intifada in Palestine as a consequence.

With the fallout from Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital showing no sign of abating, and with the president's UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, plumbing new depths of ignobility in her defense of the indefensible, lecturing a UN that has never been more united than in its condemnation of this demarche, any last pretense when it comes to Israel the United States' contempt for international law and all norms of diplomacy is ended.

It is an issue which also throws open the issue of the extent to which biblical and religious obscurantism is increasingly being deployed as the fulcrum of international affairs in the 21st century, even up to the point of supplanting international law.

On a philosophical level, there has long been confusion over whether strength and power confers more rights or obligations on a given country. Currently we live in a world in which power confers more rights, evidenced in Trump and Netanyahu's utter disregard for the rights of the long suffering Palestinian people with this unilateral declaration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

John sits down with US writer and author Max Blumenthal to dissect what is without doubt a worrying trend in international affairs.

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