'We Only Come in a Double Pack': Meet Instagram's Hottest Twins (PHOTOS)

© Photo : Facebook / Baessler TwinsStephanie and Julia Bässler
Stephanie and Julia Bässler - Sputnik International
Austrian twins Stephanie and Julia Bässler have over 200,000 Instagram followers each. Every day, the two 25-year-olds, who drive men all over the world absolutely crazy, keep their fans up to date with their sports and nutritional lifestyle.

Passion for Sports and Diet

The two sisters serve for many as an inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The young women, who earlier used to be rather skinny, weighing only about 40 kg, confessed that after they started to pay more attention to their nutrition and sporting activities, their lives changed for the better.

"When we didn't like ourselves anymore, we decided to become more athletic and build mass. We started with home workouts. When that was no longer enough, we went to the gym," the sisters said in an interview with the German Das Bild newspaper.

The Baessler twins reveal that there is no secret recipe behind the beauty of their bodies. Diet, however, plays a key role, and they follow it in their everyday life.

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"We cook fresh meals every day and try to eat unprocessed food. We take care to consume healthy fats, long-chain carbohydrates and many proteins. We try to give up as much fish and meat as possible and consume vegetable protein instead," the women revealed.

Not Only Beautiful, But Smart

But there is much more to the twins than their beauty and their revealing pictures on Instagram. Despite their stressful modeling jobs, the two young women haven't forgotten about their education: both are studying law in Vienna.

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The sisters have a lot of other things in common, too. They are both passionate nature lovers and, this may come as a bit of a surprise, heavy metal fans, according to Express.de.

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"We study together, have mostly the same hobbies, the same friends and are therefore always together — if one of us is not with her boyfriend at the time. Our daily routine is identical; we cook, eat and live together. We only come in a double pack. You have to take both of us!" the young women told Das Bild.

The only feature that distinguishes the otherwise identical twins is their hair. While Julia is a blonde, Stephanie is a brunette.

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