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Italian Election Results - The EU's Newest Headache

Italian Election Results - The EU's Newest Headache
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan will discuss Sunday's election in Italy. The results appear to benefit eurosceptic elements in the country, and the new government's relationship with the EU and Brussels remains to be seen.

Scheduled Guests:

"Ehsani" Gsaghir — Reporter on Syrian War | Topic: Update on the Situation in Syria

Andrew Spannaus | Topic: Italian Elections

Darlene Brown — Topic: Monday Motivation

Medea Benjamin | Topic: US / Saudi war on Yemen

Jim Bovard — USA Today Columnist & Investigative Journalist | Topic: The #Oscars and #Hollywood: Pawns for the Establishment w/ @JimBovard

Several groups continue to battle for power and territory inside of Syria. Garland and Lee examine some of these situations and consider whether there are reasonable policy decisions the Trump administration should implement.

One of the most under reported stories in the American corporate media has been the ongoing war in Yemen. Medea Benjamin of Code Pink joins the show to provide an update on the conflict and to talk about American policy in the region.

Last night, Hollywood had its night of glory with The Oscars. Today on Fault Lines, USA Today Columnist Jim Bovard gives his take on Hollywood, the media, and how these groups often serve the interests of the political establishment.

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