Kawaii Girl: UK's Human Doll Says She Is Seen as a 'Freak' (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Alice Hochfedt started learning to transform into a Kawaii fashion doll when she was 13, and has come a long way since then.

The London-born student knows how to attain the ultimate doll look, but she doesn’t enjoy the limelight and prefers to keep her extraordinary image to herself and those really close to her, or, at most, share her looks with her Instagram followers.

Notably enough, it took her long years to learn how better apply her makeup and do hair to meet her goal, since from the start she could boast only a pair of circle lenses and inexpensive "rubbish makeup." Her attempt to have a doll-like appearance has grown into a real obsession over time, making her really happy, she told the UK’s Media Drum World news agency.

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Given her unusual hobby, there exist a number of issues with social interaction among others. The student, who is currently living and studying in Germany, says she is frequently treated like an outcast because of her appearance, citing the extremely old-fashioned nature of German society.

"You barely even see people with colored hair. You get treated like a freak."

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This is why she is so skeptical about being in the public eye:

"I hate it when too many people stare at me. I'm a very antisocial person and can't take the attention," Alice said, adding that the favorite pastime of hers is staying alone at her small flat, turning into a doll, as well as taking and editing pictures. "Or relaxing with my boyfriend," she said.

The introvert noted that she rarely wears her doll looks in the public – aside from certain occasions.

Alice’s hobby costs a pretty penny:  for instance, she has to splash out up to £70 on every wig she wears. It also costs her a great deal of time and effort, since she spends around three hours coming up with a complete outfit, including her hairstyle and the appropriate makeup.

She is sure that a person's beauty does not change with photo editing or makeup, heavy or not. She has concluded that beauty is intrinsic and inherent, and such transformations don't make a person less attractive.

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