Space Invaders: WATCH Alleged UFO Battle Near US' Classified Area 51

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Describing a recent incident in the skies above Nevada's second-largest city of Henderson, an eyewitness referred to the emergence of up to ten bright dots which looked like stars and which started to attack each other.

A video of what looked like a "battle" between unidentified flying objects (UFO) has emerged in the Internet, prompting users to scratch their heads.

The incident took place on February 19, when a driver in Nevada's second-largest city Henderson was in his car for "just a short drive from Las Vegas", according to the Daily Express.

"I was waiting in the car while my buddy went into the store. I noticed about 9 to 10 bright dots in the sky that looked like stars. The dots were in a line at approximately a 45 degree angle. All of a sudden they started to move upward on that same angle and it looked like they were attacking each other," the eyewitness said.

Citing "many bursts of energy", he said that the incident, which took place not far from the notorious Area 51, lasted just 20 seconds.

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Commenting on the video, some users called the incident an authentic UFO battle, while others claimed that all this was nothing but "the reflection of cars' lights."

"If they were shooting lasers like that, something would have clearly been destroyed. I believe in UFOs but not this!" user Carlos Urquides added.

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Mysterious Vertical UFO Spotted Over Mexico, Texas (VIDEOS)
Area 51 is a highly classified US Air Force base is located within the Nevada Test and Training Range.

It continues to add substantially to the spread of numerous UFO legends, including that of the Roswell incident in 1947, when a US Air Force balloon crashed at a ranch in New Mexico.

The US military insisted that it was just a conventional weather balloon, while ufologists claimed in the 1970s that it was a crash of one or more alien spacecraft.

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