US Pilot Stumbles Upon Bizarre Flying Object Above New York

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In May 2018 the magazine War Zone reported of an alleged encounter between the US Navy and an unidentified flying object in 2004. The publication claimed the US military had several such encounters, but the reports about them are allegedly classified.

The US pilot flying his Piper PA32 aircraft over Long Island on May 26, 2018, saw a flying object in front of his plane, although a controller's radar showed nothing, online magazine The Drive reported. The media linked an audio log of an exchange between the pilot and controller, which makes it clear that the latter suggested the flying object was a drone, while the pilot was not sure of its origin, noting it had "lights" on.

"Ok, I mean, we'll have to assume that it was a drone, that's… I mean I don't know, if that's the safe assumption or not but I guess that's what we will go by," the controller said.

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The eerie mid-sky meeting with the strange object ended without incident, but the controller relayed the request from his management to the pilot to file a report about it. According to the magazine, the report is currently classified, but a Freedom of Information Act request has already been filed on it. The official statement by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says that the pilot saw a "drone-like object" northeast of John F. Kennedy International Airport and that FAA is conducting an investigation into the incident.

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