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India's Anti-US Tariffs, the Battle of Hodeidah, Congo's New Kingmaker

India’s Anti-US Tariffs, The Battle Of Hodeidah, Congo’s New Kingmaker
India’s imposition of reciprocal tariffs against the US in response to the steel and aluminum ones that Trump just promulgated proves that all isn’t well in the Indian-American Strategic Partnership and that New Delhi might be reconsidering its recent pro-Atlantic pivot in favor of “rebalancing” with Eurasia.

This week's show starts off by explaining the wisdom behind Trump's decision to suspend the US' war games with South Korea. Then it moves along to talking about the disturbing implications of the so-called "name deal" that was just reached between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece. After that, the next part touches upon how former Congolese warlord and one-time vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba's unexpected release from The Hague positions him to become the new kingmaker in Congolese politics just months before its planned first-ever democratic transfer of power in history. Once that's done, the penultimate topic is the strategic significance of Hodeidah in the War on Yemen. And finally, our top story of the week is how India's anti-American reciprocal tariffs provide a much-needed window of opportunity for New Delhi to reconsider its recent pro-Atlantic pivot in favor of "rebalancing" its grand strategy with Eurasia.

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