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Rotherham Survivor Speaks Out

Jon isn’t talking to a politician but he is talking about one of the biggest political scandals of the modern era. His guest is Sammy Woodhouse the woman who blew the whistle on the Rotherham Pakistani rape gangs and the way the politicians, Police and social services ignored the rapes of children for fear of being accused of being racist.

Sammy graphically describes how she was groomed by a 24-year-old man called, “Mad Ash” when she was just 14. How he raped her and got her pregnant and how she was forced to have an abortion.

“He made me feel very grown up, he paid me compliments he was funny, down to earth he was like a Prince Charming not like the monster we know he is now”

“I looked at him as my boyfriend even when he was violent to me or tried to kill me afterwards he would cry and say it was my fault and that I made him do it and I believed that and I believed it was me who had to change not him”

“He anally raped me”

She also condemns those in authority who ignored her and thousands of other victims for years saying, “It was not a secret everyone knew it was going on The Police social services health they all knew as my parents told them within days”

“Not just turning a blind eye but actually encouraging it, I was never treated as a victim”

She makes the point that the “Majority of perpetrators were Pakistani Muslim men and victims were white girls there was a lot of fear that you couldn’t say that as it made you a racist”

She also points out that she has been approached by many Muslim girls and boys who have been raped by these same gangs but they cannot come out and talk about the abuse they suffered because of their community.

Sammy also warns that these rapes are still going on all over the UK.

This is a graphic no holds barred interview with an incredibly brave young woman which everyone needs to hear.

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