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BAMN is your guide to the movement and efforts shaping the world around us: from mass incarceration to the battle between police and water protectors; from efforts to protect the environment to the movement for Black Lives. Stay tuned to By Any Means Necessary five days a week here on Radio Sputnik.

The Future Presidency of Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

The Future Presidency of Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
Efforts to secure trans rights in prison; The new norm of hurricanes in the US; Europe's anti-immigrant wave; Will Kavanaugh be confirmed?

In the first segment of "By Any Means Necessary" we're joined by Danielle Corcione, a member of Philly Socialists, freelance journalist, and advocate for Alyssa Victoria Hope to talk about Alyssa, black trans woman incarcerated in a men's prison in Maryland, the staggering high rates of incarceration of black trans people in America, and the efforts by prison officials to repress and punish prisoners who highlight prison injustices.

In the second segment of "By Any Means Necessary" is joined by Joel Segal, National Director of the Justice Action Mobilization Network to talk about the failure of the United States to rehabilitate and rebuild Puerto Rico, the potential for large-scale devastation caused by Hurricane Florence, the new norm of "once in a lifetime" storms, and the need for a climate justice movement.

In the third segment journalist, Zoie O'Brien joins the show to talk about the continued rise of right-wing politics in Europe around anti-immigrant policies over the past year, an EU parliament vote to sanction Hungary over 'breaches' to core values, the failure of EU countries to develop coherent foreign policies, and the media's role in spurring xenophobic attitudes in Europe and the US.

In the last hour "By Any Means Necessary" is joined by Bryan Weaver, Executive Director of Hoops Sagrada and Ashley Bunn, political analyst to talk about the recent letter accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of possible sexual misconduct, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon's candid remarks on Donald Trump, the TV show 'Ballers', and the immorality of big pharma in America.

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