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© REUTERS / Clodagh KilcoyneA Brexit sign is seen between Donegal in the Republic of Ireland and Londonderry in Northern Ireland at the border village of Muff, Ireland, February 1, 2018. Picture taken February 1, 2018.
A Brexit sign is seen between Donegal in the Republic of Ireland and Londonderry in Northern Ireland at the border village of Muff, Ireland, February 1, 2018. Picture taken February 1, 2018. - Sputnik International
Years ago, I described MP’s as self-serving pigs with their noses firmly in the trough. People said I was over the top. Then the Expenses scandal broke and people began to see my point and yesterday the Westminster sty was high again with personal ambition, hypocrisy and lies as this “breed” continued to frustrate and deny the will of the people.

I watched the "debate" or charade as I preferred to call it and tweeted this, "#Brexit Betrayal is bad enough but the bare faced lies that @theresa_may is pedalling in the Commons today is just prolonging our total capitulation to the EU Mafia. She must be removed but it appears that no one has the balls to do it. Agree?"

My tweet line exploded with anger and frustration from normal Brits who want their democratic will actioned on now by these self-servers.

European Union Council President Donald Tusk  (File) - Sputnik International
No-Deal Brexit Scenario Possible Like Never Before - European Council President
Let start with the Prime Minister, shall we?

Theresa the Appeaser refused to explain why Dominic Raab rushed to Brussels on Sunday evening only to be snubbed and dismissed by the EU Mafia within an hour?

The reason was clearly the continuing row over the EU's desire to give away Northern Ireland to the Republic in all but name.

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If Remainers and the EU had their way they will have achieved what the best part of 100 years of "the ballot and the bomb" by the IRA failed to do.

Let me just make this clear for the hard of understanding or the Brexit Remainer traitors Northern Ireland and its people are British. End of discussion. They should not be sacrificed on the altar of Theresa May's delusion or betrayal. If the people on the Island of Ireland want a united Ireland it is for them to decide not Mrs May and definitely not the EU Mafia.

A traffic sign is seen in front of European and Union flags in London, Britain - Sputnik International
'No Grounds for Optimism' on Brexit Ahead of European Council - Tusk
Theresa also refused to clarify when this cobbled together backstop or double backstop would actually end which frustrated Boris Johnson and many others.

So, we would be out only in name, we would still pay £39 Billion and have no say over the EU. That is worse than when we were in isn't it?

It was clear that no one in the Commons yesterday apart from May wants Chequers. It is clear the EU Mobsters don't want Chequers. Most of the Cabinet don't want Chequers and nearly all grassroots Tories definitely do not want it.

However, more importantly, nor do 17.4 million people, who voted for Brexit, want it and I guess a fair few million Remainers are of the same opinion.

So, why is May continuing with this deluded plan? The only conclusion I can come to is that she wants to wreck Brexit and somehow either force a general election now which would effectively be another referendum on the EU or create a situation where we stay in the EU, in all but name, and that by a process of attrition and boredom we never ever really leave.

Either of these scenarios is a clear betrayal of the British people.

However, May wasn't the only liar and hypocrite in the Commons yesterday. Labour led by the unreconstructed Marxist Jeremy Corbyn are stinking self-serving hypocrites too.

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Corbyn has been anti-EU all of his political career but, with just a sniff of power in those nostrils, he has betrayed not only the party, the UK, but also his whole political legacy.

I won't bother to add in the self-serving SNP who make Theresa May also look logical when you hear of their deluded plan to be out of the Union of the UK but in an even bigger and remote union of the EU! Bonkers, just plain bonkers!

A Brexit sign is seen between Donegal in the Republic of Ireland and Londonderry in Northern Ireland at the border village of Muff, Ireland, February 1, 2018. Picture taken February 1, 2018. - Sputnik International
Ireland Wouldn't Want Border to Be Issue Which Fails Brexit Talks - Academic
On the fringes, we have David Davies and Boris and probably Gove all plotting but all afraid to plunge the knife in to May in case they don't get the top job. All of them are putting their political careers and party before the needs of the country and all of them have to take their share of the blame for the present situation.

We need action now. Not after she betrays us.

Meanwhile, the faux arguments continued in the Commons presided over by Jumped up Bercow who this morning is back at the centre of allegations about bullying and abuse in the Commons with many senior figures calling for his resignation.

This would, of course, be another diversion from the real agenda that needs tackling, Brexit.

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Similarly, today there are reports of Religious hate crime being up by 40 percent (Yawn) and that 52 percent of "religious Hate crime" was…wait for it… against Muslims (Double Yawn). Eh but don't worry the "Peoples Hollywood superstar" Meghan is having a babeee and England stuffed the Spaniards last night. What's that line about Bread and circuses?

Meanwhile, this collapsing flat pack cabinet is meeting today as the papers proclaim that Theresa May has 48 hours to save Brexit? Save it from what?

This isn't the bloody Brexit that we the British people voted for.

Brexit - Sputnik International
UK PM May Has Until Oct. 17 to Secure Brexit Plan Amid Deadlock in EU Talks
I cannot wait for these talks to collapse, in fact, I am polishing my dancing shoes as we speak because by god I am going to party like never before as it fails. Because then we will get our sovereignty back, we can trade on WTO terms and Britain puts the Great back into our name.

Of course, an added bonus will be that May will be consigned to the political rubbish heap of history.

Well, I can dream, can't I?

Even if it is the impossible dream as one of my tweeters said this morning, "politics don't care for the working class which is the majority, Brexit has proved that it's all about class in the UK oh and money but they're happy to send our boys and girls to battle that's all we're good for in their eyes, it's put me off voting again."

I for one cannot argue with his logic, can you?

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