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BAMN is your guide to the movement and efforts shaping the world around us: from mass incarceration to the battle between police and water protectors; from efforts to protect the environment to the movement for Black Lives. Stay tuned to By Any Means Necessary five days a week here on Radio Sputnik.

Can Trump Sanction the GOP to Victory?

Can Trump Sanction the GOP to Victory?
New Caledonia Independence movement fails; US imposes new sanctions on Venezuela and Iran; CIA Spying on Whistleblowers.

In the first segment of "By Any Means Necessary" Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon are joined by Walter Smolarek, Producer of "Loud and Clear" on Radio Sputnik to talk about the island of New Caledonia voting to stay apart of France and the legacy of colonialism across the world.

In the second segment, we are joined by Dan Kovalik, author of the brand new book "The Plot to Control The World: How The US Has Spent Billions to Change the Results of Elections Around the World," to talk about the latest round of US sanctions against Venezuela, whether or not Brazil or Colombia would invade Venezuela to overthrow the Maduro government, and the undercurrent of anti-Communist ideology by John Bolton and the Trump administration.

In the third segment "By Any Means Necessary," is joined by Sam Menefee-Libey, Community Organizer and Independent Researcher to talk about the declassification of CIA documents showing the CIA was monitoring whistleblowers, the weaponization of WhatsApp in Brazil, and the proliferation of protest suppression and corporate espionage technologies.

In the last hour "By Any Means Necessary" is joined by writer David Shams to talk about what to expect from Tuesday's midterm elections, voting rights for those who are incarcerated, the colonial search for oil, a GOP Congressman calling for Jews to convert to Christianity, the role of religion in social movements and the troubling politics of New Atheism.

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