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Trump Declares Daesh is Dead: US Troops to Pull Out of Syria in 30 Days

Trump Declares ISIS Is Dead: US Troops To Pull Out Of Syria In 30 Days
President Trump has ordered a rapid withdrawal of all 2,000 United States ground troops from Syria within 30 days, declaring the four-year American-led war against the Islamic State as largely won, officials said today. “We have defeated ISIS [Daesh in Arabic] in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency,”

Karl Racine, the attorney general for the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit today against Facebook for allowing Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy firm, to gain access to the names, "likes" and other personal data about tens of millions of the social site's users without their permission. What's going on here and does this factor or tie into the other issues with Facebook and Google and other social networking platforms? So, according to Karl Racine, "Facebook failed to protect the privacy of its users and deceived them about who had access to their data and how it was used…Today's lawsuit is about making Facebook live up to its promise to protect its users' privacy." The revelation unleashed unprecedented global scrutiny of Facebook's privacy practices and a wave of investigations, including the United States, where Facebook now faces the prospect of serious fines.

Several companies have pulled their advertisements from Tucker Carlson's show after the host made disparaging comments about immigrants. On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Carlson claimed that immigration makes the U.S. "poorer, dirtier and more divided" in a lengthy speech about the economics of immigrants. Now, the data on the economics of immigrants show the tremendous contributions that immigrants make to this economy and the remittance that many of them send back to their countries of origin play a significant role in supporting those economies as well. We've gone through this with Megan Kelly and others. Carlson characterized the events as attempts to "limit his free speech." What's happening to our discourse and what is supposed to be fact telling in journalism? Now to the other side of the coin, Dr. Mark Lamont Hill loses his CNN spot for telling the truth about the apartheid atrocities being imposed and inflicted upon the Palestinians by the Zionist government in Israel.


Daniel Lazare — Journalist and author of three books: The Frozen Republic, The Velvet Coup and America's Undeclared War.

Catherine Shakdam, a political commentator and analyst focusing on the Middle East, and the author of "A Tale Of Grand Resistance: Yemen, The Wahhabi And The House Of Saud".

Brian Williams — Co-founder and partner at Wayne and Reed, a tech consultancy and venture builder.

Hamil Harris — Adjunct Professor in the journalism department at Morgan State University and had a stellar career at the Washington Post.

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