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It is Impossible Not to Feel Betrayed Over Brexit

Raheem Kassam, Global Editor in Chief of Jon Gaunt's guest this week.

Jon's guest says “I can’t see how Brexit can mean Brexit after May’s approach to Corbyn. Even after May 22 she is not going to leave under a no deal scenario.”

He also believes that, “there is no real mechanism to get rid of Theresa May barring an intervention from the Palace.”

He believes that the antics of the Commons and Theresa May, over recent weeks means that, “Democracy has been ruled as unwanted and ineffective since the Brexit vote, the establishment have decided that democracy is no longer needed, they have taken over.”

“If democracy no longer matters what May is saying is we now live in a Dictatorship where the power rests in a small group of hands.”

On Jon Snow he thinks Snow’s comments “were wonderful as it illustrates racism against white people, so it shows the malice with which the MSM attack Brexiteers.” He continues by saying, “It is no longer a deep state anymore it is a in your face state.”

On the Paratrooper’s using Corbyn as target practice Raheem says, “Brilliant keep on doing it” as the country does not stand for Marxism so it makes perfect sense that these people who want to fight for their country and western civilisation would hate him.

Raheem also turns the fire on himself after praising Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party he states that he will not be standing for them as, “I tend to use the C word too much on Twitter.”

He is pessimistic about the future of the UK, saying, “There needs to be some kind of political revolution in this country and I just don’t know where it is going to come from at the moment.”

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