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Why Our Divisive Politics are Failing to Bring Results

Why Our Divisive Politics Are Failing to Bring Results
On this episode of Fault Lines, host Lee Stranahan talks about how the heated nature of our current political environment produces more outrage and dysfunction than tangible accomplishments. Why are modern politics so adversarial, and how has this worked to maintain the often unproductive status quo inside of Congress and elsewhere?


Patrick Henningsen — Journalist & Founder of: | Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning & The Upcoming European Union Elections

Joel Segal — Former Congressional Staffer | Passing Legislation in Congress and Working Across the Aisle

Jim Hoft, Founder of | The Politics of the Abortion Debate & Increasing Social Media Censorship

Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning are both currently in prison, and their respective legal situations are far from resolved. Patrick Henningsen, Journalist & Founder of, joins today's show to talk about both Assange and Manning, the upcoming European Union elections in the United Kingdom, the evolving views of the British people towards Brexit, and the rise of 'The Brexit Party' under the leadership of Nigel Farage.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress seem to be at odds on nearly every major issue making compromise between the two parties unlikely to occur with any decent frequency. Former Congressional Staffer Joel Segal returns to the program to discuss his history of working on legislation and helping to pass bills, the importance of building relationships with members of the opposing party, and how the mainstream media news cycle covers events on Capitol Hill.

Alabama's new abortion law has again highlighted the divisive nature of this issue in the modern-day United States. Jim Hoft, Founder of, joins Lee to talk about the politics surrounding the abortion debate and to provide more insight on the threat of increasing censorship on social media platforms.

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