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Nigel Farage Could Win a General Election

Jon Gaunt’s guest this week believes that “Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party could win a General Election and get the keys to number 10 if Brexit is betrayed again on October 31.” That guest is David Kurten, who is a former UKIP London Assembly member.

David Kurten is still on the Assembly but describes himself now as a Brexit Alliance member.

He starts by telling us that he supports Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party MEP’s who turned their back during the EU anthem this week, “It was absolutely justified…. the simple fact is they shouldn’t even be there we should have left on March 29… It is symbolic saying we shouldn’t be here.”

He believes that, “the Mainstream media are no longer news outlets and that they are now propaganda outfits, particularly the BBC.” “MSM are very good at throwing smears at anyone who goes against their Globalist views and that includes Nigel, The Brexit Party and even Boris.”

David wants postal voting scrapped and Proportional Representation introduced in the UK and he calls the Tory Government a “Fake Conservative Party.”

He believes that Boris will be next PM but that the Government will collapse and lead to a General Election. He says, “Best scenario is the Government collapses, we have a general election and then Nigel will become PM and we will deliver Brexit and we as a country can look forward with optimism and not more managed decline.”

David calls for the scrapping of Hs2, cutting of Foreign Aid and is very excited about Farage’s ideas on student loans. He believes, “that there are far too many people going to University.”

David welcomes Boris Johnson’s idea to have 20 thousand more cops but also believes that “Stop and search is one of the best tools for cutting knife crime…. And until we stop being so PC and reintroduce it you will not cut crime.”

David also doesn’t hold back on Khan, Eco-warriors and the BBC by saying, “Khan grandstands on global politics and virtue signals and his attitude to Trump is disgraceful.”

He describes the Glastonbury crowd and the environmental protestors in London as hypocrites and, “Khan is not doing his job as he supports them when he should be clearing and cleaning them off the streets.”

“The BBC should be sold off and we should not have the TV licence anymore.”

Finally, he says that Putin is correct on his views on liberalism, PC nonsense as these things are undermining traditional values.

Don’t miss this as Kurten really shoots from the Lip!

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