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Is the Economy Roaring or is the Booming Stock Market a False Indicator?

Is the Economy Roaring or is the Booming Stock Market a False Indicator?
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the overall health of the US economy and if record stock market highs should be seen as a true gauge of economic strength. Do these types of stock market gains tend to benefit only the wealthy, and how should the public feel about past bank bailouts?


Vanessa Beeley - Investigative Journalist | An Update on the Conflict in Syria

Mark Frost - Economist and Professor | The US Stock Market, Banking System & Quantitative Easing

Igor Lopatonok - Film Producer, Director & Author | What's in Igor's New Film 'Revealing Ukraine'

William Craddick - Founder of DisobedientMedia.com | The Jeffrey Epstein Case and Timeline of Legal Events

Investigative Journalist Vanessa Beeley was recently in Syria to report on fighting in the Idlib province and which groups are controlling different areas of territory within the country. Today, Beeley joins 'Fault Lines' to provide analysis about the conflict in Syria, Turkey's involvement in Syria, how terrorists have been allowed to cross the country's borders at certain places, and how economic sanctions have impacted Syria.

President Trump continues to promote the success of the stock market as a sign that the US economy is strong, but this view is not held by some professionals in the economic community. Economist and Professor Mark Frost returns to the program to discuss the US stock market and banking system, the impacts of quantitative easing, past Wall Street bailouts, and who runs the Federal Reserve.

Film Producer Igor Lopatonok's newest project, 'Revealing Ukraine,' takes a look at the political situation in Ukraine and how the country has changed since the Maidan Revolution. Lopatonok joins today's show to talk about his new film, some of the major topics and interviews which are included, and how 'Revealing Ukraine' has already come under attack by some in the media.

For the final segment, the hosts are joined by William Craddick, Founder of DisobedientMedia.com, to discuss legal details and timelines related to Jeffrey Epstein's criminal past. They also talk about how Mike Cernovich and Alan Dershowitz are involved in this story and how media outlets such as the 'Miami Herald' have reported on Epstein.

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