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Negative 25% Interest Rates!?

Negative 25% Interest Rates!?
On today’s episode of Double Down, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to Dr. Michael Hudson, economist and author of “... And Forgive Them Their Debts” about negative interest rates.

As interest rates head into negative territory and Greek debt yields less than US Treasury debt, DOUBLE DOWN asks economist and historian, Dr. Michael Hudson if any economic theory has ever suggested negative interest rates. Not since back to the Bronze Age does he recall anything like this being suggested. That’s because, for thousands of years, economic beings have chosen to hold debt jubilees. Negative rates achieve that a bit slower but they do the same thing eventually by bringing the volume of savings on the asset side of the balance sheet down to the volume of debt that can be repaid. Hudson believes rates will quickly go as negative as 25% and thus erase some of the debt burdens. He believes we are entering a post dollar world and that gold is the only option available. Tune in to hear the conversation.

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