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What Will Happen if Democrats Run a Foreign Policy Hawk vs. Trump in 2020?

What Will Happen if Democrats Run a Foreign Policy Hawk vs. Trump in 2020?
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon discuss how President Trump's administration has approached different foreign policy hotspots and the influence Trump's advisors have had on these decisions. Will Democrats attempt to "out-hawk" Trump in the 2020 Election, and would doing so be a strategy doomed for failure?


Mark Sleboda - International Relations & Security Analyst | Comparing Protests in Hong Kong to Others Around the World

Kit Klarenberg - Investigative Journalist w/ Sputnik News | The Skripal Case, Julian Assange's Treatment & Jeffrey Epstein's Past

Daniel Lazare - Journalist & Author | The US Foreign Policy Establishment and Its Pro-Interventionist Actions 

Danny Sjursen - Retired U.S. Army Officer and Former History Instructor at West Point | The Influence of President Trump's Foreign Policy Advisors & US Relations with Middle East Countries

Bob Schlehuber - Producer for 'By Any Means Necessary' | What Voters Were Saying About Trump and the Democrats at the Iowa State Fair

Protests in Hong Kong have escalated in recent days to the point that the extremely busy Hong Kong International Airport was flooded with protesters and flights had to be cancelled. International Relations Analyst Mark Sleboda joins the hosts to talk about the situation in Hong Kong, how these protests compare to past protests in countries such as Russia and Iran, and how the political situation in Ukraine has been evolving for the country's new President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Later in the show, Investigative Journalist Kit Klarenberg returns to discuss several important stories including the Skripal case in the United Kingdom, the treatment of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange, and details about Jeffrey Epstein. What are some of the irregularities in media reports about what happened to Sergei and Yulia Skripal, how have different media outlets contributed to Assange's current legal problems, and what are some of the strangest details about Epstein's personal and professional past?

The US foreign policy establishment has created tension in several regions of the world due to aggressive pro-interventionist actions and rhetoric. Journalist & Author Daniel Lazare joins today's episode of 'Fault Lines' to discuss how the ruling class tends to operate in a war mongering manner, the stability of various governments in the Middle East, the current anti-Trump political strategy of many Democrats, and the glaring holes in the Mueller Report.

President Trump has expressed anti-war views in the past, however many of his closest foreign policy advisors tend to pull him in the opposite direction. Retired U.S. Army Officer Danny Sjursen talks with the hosts about how Trump's foreign policy is influenced by his inner circle, US relations with Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran, and what will happen in the 2020 Presidential Election if the Democrats run a foreign policy hawk against President Trump.

For the final segment, Garland and Lee are joined in-studio by Bob Schlehuber, Producer for 'By Any Means Necessary,' to talk about his experience at the Iowa State Fair and how attendees at the event reacted to different Democratic Presidential candidates and President Trump's performance thus far in the White House. What were some of the thoughts expressed by voters about jobs and the economy, and which candidates seemed to resonate best with the crowd?

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