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Global Warming is the New Religion

“Hs2 is a way of ferrying rich Londoners around the country, it is ridiculous and it is time to pull the plug on it now.” So, declares MEP Martin Daubney who is Jon’s guest this week on Shooting From the Lip.

Newly elected Brexit MEP Martin Daubney wastes no time declaring that Hs2 does not need a review by Boris Johnson it needs scrapping now. Daubney also says people want “foreign aid cut as well.”

Daubney wants broadband everywhere saying “it is a duty to provide fast fibre to everyone in the UK and he says that would be better than carrying on with Hs2.

He thinks Priti Patel is talking sense on crime, policing and sentencing but accuses the Tories of stealing Brexit Party policies.

Jon Gaunt asks is there any need for the Brexit Party now that Boris Johnson is in power and Daubney responds, “if it wasn’t for the Brexit Party then Boris would not be PM today.”

Daubney is worried that we are heading for “Theresa May’s reheated pig of a deal with lipstick.”

“People want real politics with real politicians who have done a proper job” That is why he believes Corbyn and his Labour party are toast in their traditional Northern heartlands.

Daubney also states that, “Global Warming is the new religion.” And you are not allowed to criticise it. He proceeds to attack Meghan and Harry for their hypocrisy.

On the alleged Owen Jones assault he asks “where is the evidence… we need to be sure of the motives before we pass judgement.”

“There is a collective selective myopia on the identity political left, they thought the milkshake, punch a Nazi was fair game but as soon as someone on the left breaks a fingernail there is a disproportionate reaction. We should condemn all political violence.”

“Brexit not only broke British politics it also broke the traditional media and now as we reach the endgame we see the problem of the broadcast media,” adds Daubney.

He is in favour of scrapping Ofcom and allowing biased news channels where people can decide what they wish to watch, just as people do when they buy a newspaper.

He believes that a Fox News type channel would be hugely popular in the UK and cites Nigel Farage’s LBC show as evidence.

On Prince Andrew he says, “we need a Princess Diana type TV interview to put these matters and allegations to rest, it is a dreadful mess and it needs sorting out.”

He finishes by saying he sincerely hopes that he is popping champagne corks on Halloween and that he is redundant but he fears with Boris we will get a "Brexit in name only." If that happens, Daubney says, the Brexit Party, will be the "wolf at Boris’ door."

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