Manual Therapy? NHS Advised to Employ Masturbation to Combat Stress, Improve Mental Health

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The authors of the proposal suggested that playing with oneself can help a person build their sexual self-confidence and alter the levels of certain hormones in an individual’s body.

The UK’s National Health Service has recently received a peculiar proposal from a prominent sex toy manufacturer about improving people’s mental health via a somewhat hands-on approach, the Daily Star reports.

According to the newspaper, an open letter penned by LELO UK to the Department of Health suggested prescribing masturbation to help alleviate stress, as a survey conducted by the company showed that 78 percent of Brits say orgasms make them happier, while 66 percent of respondents claim they feel more productive after experiencing an orgasm.

"We call on the Department of Health to act now and review and refresh the current practices when treating wellness issues, and to include the prescription of masturbation and self-pleasure to patients as and where needed as part of a wider wellness programme", said Marcella Zanchi, a marketing specialist for the company.

A sex therapist at LELO UK named Kate Moyle also suggested that masturbation can help one build their "sexual self-confidence", while the release of the hormone oxytocin, which occurs during orgasm, "can lower cortisol levels".

"Potentially recommended as a part of an integrated wellness programme, masturbation could be of benefit to some patients, when put forward with confidence and educative information", she remarked.

Many social media users, however, seemed rather amused by the news.

And a few of them apparently had some unflattering things to say about NHS.

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