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Jeremy Corbyn is an Emblem for anti-Semitism

The star of the Jonny Gould’s Jewish State podcast, declares that “the chief Rabbi has said exactly the right thing about Jeremy Corbyn.” Jonny Gould says that the threat and fear to the Jewish community is real and that, “I am considering whether I can bring my kids up in the UK, I am British to the core and this is heartbreak for me.”

In this week’s edition of Shooting from the Lip, Jonny does not hold back and states that in his eyes Corbyn is an anti-Semite, saying, “Corbyn is a touchstone an emblem for anti-Semitism and he has created a brand that people get on board with their Jew Hate.”

“Corbyn is an anti-fascist not an anti-racist. When he talks about his Mum being on Cable Street or him being down in Wood Green he is talking about fighting the Far right NOT defending the Jews, the Jews are in the middle.”

Jonny thinks that, “Corbyn is playing to an alliance of the hard left and Islamists.”

Jonny gives a fascinating insight in to the Jewish community in the UK and says it is not the Chief Rabbi’s job to involve himself in politics but he had no choice because of the attack they are under.

Jonny also has plenty of strong opinions on Johnson, Farage, the BBC and the election. He also believes that the NHS has enough money and is terrified of Corbyn nationalising the internet as it would lead to censorship.

He delivers his attacks with a delicious sense of irony, sarcasm and comedy and this is an interview that will have you agreeing one minute and violently disagreeing the next.

Don’t miss it.

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