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We Have to End Politically Correct Policing

Jon Gaunt’s guest on this week’s show is David Kurten, who wants to be the next Mayor of London.

London Assembly member, David Kurten, blames the rise in violent crime and knife attacks on the present Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

“I want people to have a choice if they want common sense politics and to end the culture of politically correct policing in the capital.”

On crime, David states, “most people realize that stop and search is not pleasant but if it gets knives and machetes of the streets then it’s a necessity.“

“We need to increase stop and search and target the people who carry the knives which sad to say is mainly young black men who are carrying knives.”

On terror attacks he is uncompromising when he states that terrorists who “are not British citizens or of dual nationality should be deported if convicted of terror offences.”

He also attacks the Judges in terror cases saying, “we have activist virtue signalling woke judges who give out lenient sentences to terrorists.”

David wants Hs2 scrapped and is very cynical about Boris’ pledge to scrap diesel cars by 2030. Saying, “it’s the wrong thing to do.”

On the global warming story, he is very cynical stating that, “Greta Thunberg is a puppet who doesn’t know what she is talking about, she is talking absolute nonsense and is being told what to say by her handlers.”

This is an interview full of strong opinions some of which will have you cheering and other views that will have you jeering. Don’t miss it.

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