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Superdelegate Sneaks, Sanctuary Cities, Muzzling Media

Superdelegate Sneaks, Sanctuary Cities, Muzzling Media
Democrat officials speak openly about taking the nomination from Sanders, oligarchs pulling DNC strings clearly prefer a split to a victory.

Hosts Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas are incensed by a new story revealing that many Democratic officials and superdelegates are already planning how to hand the presidential nomination to anyone but Sanders on “Political Misfits” today. Our boys also discuss the Republicans urging GOP voters to cast ballots in their state’s open primary - for Sanders. Why? Because they, too, see what the Democratic establishment is planning and judge that splitting the party at the convention that way can only be good for Trump.

Jason Dzubow, an immigration attorney, partner at Dzubow & Pilcher, PLLC, and blogger at www.asylumist.com, spoke about the war on immigrants by the Trump administration and its latest victory, in which an appeals court found the federal government can withhold funding from sanctuary cities. The left-right paradigm of states’ rights versus federal rights is turned on its head, Dzubow noted. Given the role US foreign policy plays in generating immigration flows, the lawyer also brought up Washington’s moral responsibility to respond humanely to crises it creates.

Sputnik news analyst Walter Smolarek revealed that the judge in Julian Assange’s extradition trial has offered some measures to mitigate his isolation in a bulletproof box in the courtroom, but none address the fundamental issue that the WikiLeaks founder is being deprived of his due process rights by this bizarre confinement.

Glen Ford, executive editor of the Black Agenda Report, joined our intrepid hosts to review the recent punishment of journalists for speaking out of turn. The suspension of an ABC correspondent who criticized his network’s reporting on Trump should remind us to question the ethics of all corporate media, he said, and the blatant hostility of networks to Trump or Sanders, for example, is a smaller crime than their crocodile tears and incomplete reporting on Syria and other wars.

Freddy Martinez, director of the Lucy Parsons institute, joined to scare listeners with tales of the experimental use of new technology by police forces around the US, which seem free to reveal neither what information they are collecting with their new toys, nor what it will be used for.

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