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Super Tuesday: Dem. Elites Prop Up Pathetic Biden Campaign vs. Sanders

Super Tuesday: Dem. Elites Prop Up Pathetic Biden Campaign vs. Sanders
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Nicole Roussell, a Sputnik News analyst and producer.

Today is Super Tuesday, and voters in 14 states and American Samoa or going to the polls to choose a Democratic candidate for president. Fully one third of all the delegates necessary to win the nomination will be chosen today. There’s been a lot of movement in the race in the past day or two. Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the race and they and Beto O’Rourke all endorsed Joe Biden.

The coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, and six more people died from it yesterday in Washington State. People have now tested positive for coronavirus in 18 states, and the Centers for Disease Control estimates that as many as 70 percent of Americans eventually will become infected. Hospitals already are preparing for a pandemic, and schools, theaters, and other gathering places are making contingency plans to close. KJ Noh, a peace activist and scholar on the geopolitics of Asia who is a frequent contributor to Counterpunch and Dissident Voice, joins the show.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks set to remain on as the country’s leader, as his Likud Party took 59 seats of the 61 necessary to govern. Netanyahu will now seek to form a coalition with a smaller party to create a governing bloc. The Labour Party, long the dominant party in Israeli politics, won only seven seats. But the Joint List, the party of Arab Israelis, won a record 15. Brian and John speak with David Sheen, he is an independent writer and filmmaker and you can check out more of his work at

A federal judge has ordered Hillary Clinton to sit for a sworn deposition for the first time in connection with her use of a private email account during her tenure as Secretary of State. The order is in response to a five-and-a-half year old Freedom of Information Act suit brought by Judicial Watch seeking emails related to the attack in Benghazi, Libya. Clinton had earlier submitted written responses, but the judge ruled that they were “incomplete, unhelpful, and cursory.” Daniel Lazare, a journalist and author of three books--The Frozen Republic, The Velvet Coup, and America's Undeclared War, joins the show.

The Trump Administration has ordered four Chinese state-owned media outlets to slash the number of staff that they have working in the United States. This move comes after China expelled three Wall Street Journal reporters last month after the US announced Chinese journalists would need to register under the Foreign Missions Act.  Sixty Chinese journalists will have to leave the country.  And this morning, Beijing vowed to retaliate. John Ross, Senior Fellow at Chongyang Institute, Renmin University of China, and an award-winning resident columnist with several Chinese media organizations, joins Brian and John.

The Democratic Party establishment is going all-out to deny Bernie Sanders a victory on Super Tuesday. Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the race to endorse Joe Biden, and a string of other high-profile establishment endorsements quickly followed. Walter Smolarek, a Sputnik News analyst and producer, joins the show.

Tuesday’s regular segment is called Women & Society with Dr. Hannah Dickinson. This weekly segment is about the major issues, challenges, and struggles facing women in all aspects of society. Hannah Dickinson, an associate professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and an organizer with the Geneva Women’s Assembly; and Nathalie Hrizi, an educator, a political activist, and the editor of Breaking the Chains, a women’s magazine, which you can find at, join the show.

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