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Tough Love on a Not So Super Tuesday

Tough Love On a Not So Super Tuesday
The results of Super Tuesday primary voting show a great victory ‒ for corporate media and the Democratic establishment.

It’s What the Heck Wednesday on “Political Misfits,” as hosts Jamarl Thomas and Bob Schlehuber break down the results of Super Tuesday voting in the Democratic primary. Jamarl dishes out some tough love to Bernie Sanders, who, through his lack of aggression, is failing in his mandate to his movement to win, whatever it takes. It’s time to recognize who your enemies are, Bernie. 

Communications strategist Teresa Lundy, principle at TML Communications, joined the misfits again to talk about the African American vote in this contest. Sanders, who had a poor showing among black voters, launched a new ad touting past praise from Barack Obama ‒ but is it too little too late? Where are Sanders’ high-profile African American endorsements, and how should the senator bring his civil rights history to the forefront?

Ashton P. Woods, community activist with Black Lives Matter Houston and a candidate for Texas House District 146, joined the fray to break down the Texas democratic primary vote and what happened to break the Texas wave toward Biden. Communities are not monoliths, Woods cautioned, and while some voters want a return to normalcy at all costs, a normal that includes the current levels of police violence, poverty and barriers to health care is not something to be aspired to. 

Dr. Bill Honigman, national outreach lead for Progressive Democrats of America, reported on the results from California, where Sanders had a crucial victory. The Left Coast is still the epicenter of the blue wave, Honigman reassured the misfits, even if it is not yet a tsunami. But the Democratic machine stepped in and did what it needed to to block a revolution, and the surge of youth voters hasn’t yet materialized. Convincing the youth that their votes matter will be key to continued progress. 

The misfits also discussed the real winner of the night, the corporate media, and the role their nonstop positive coverage of Joe Biden played in his comeback. Who needs a ground game?

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