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Policing Catastrophe: Cops, ICE and Norms Enforcers Still at Work

Policing Catastrophe: Cops, ICE and Norms Enforcers Still at Work
This Senate relief bill gives a whole lot of leeway to big wealthy corporations, and very little to individuals. But what else is new?

Juan Jose Gutierrez, executive director of the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition tells us we’ve got very little information about the health and conditions of the 40,000 detainees in the US, most of whom are detained along the Mexican border, not to mention the 60,000 migrants stuck in Mexico under terrible circumstances trying to cross. But if the American people are not being adequately cared for in this crisis, what can we expect of these migrants, who are consistently smeared as criminals? Already, migrants’ due process rights have gotten the axe due to the virus. What little we know of the conditions at the border are horrific, he says, and will have far-reaching and catastrophic results. 

Ted Rall, author, columnist, and award winning editorial cartoonist, tells the Misfits exactly whose pockets the Senate bill lines and the gaping holes in its protections for average Americans and the most vulnerable. The three angry men get into what Congress could have done to actually help people, not Wall Street, and Rall has some chilling historical examples of how quickly things can go bad and how blind elites can be. 

Abdus Luqman, co-founder of Coffee, Current Events and Politics and Luqman Nation, stopped by to talk about the role of police and the military in a pandemic. What’s being policed now, and how? With inconsistent messaging from above, how are people to know how to behave, and what’s to guide enforcement efforts? And how are people softened up for the boot on their backs?

The fellows also spoke about the latest accusation against noted hair-sniffer and shoulder-rubber Joe Biden. The allegations Alexandra Tara Reade made this week are far more serious ‒ but will they be taken seriously by the legal system or the party Biden represents? Who decides which women are worth believing?

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