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Rent Strikes, VP Flexes and an Organized New Left

Rent Strikes, VP Flexes and an Organized New Left
The president has been giving irresponsible medical advice for weeks now. Why are his qualified surrogates backing him up?

Yasmina Mrabet, co-founder of community organization LinkUp and a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, told the Misfits it’s no surprise corporations are taking advantage of the hardship now faced by the nation’s workers. As people who are struggling begin to wonder why the hardest hit are paying the most and getting the least out of these recovery efforts, it’s important to keep this awakening and this momentum from being co-opted by cynical political parties. She discussed the ways capitalist forces will use the crisis to their own ends, be it employers or major housing developers, and broke down the difficulties of organizing against massive corporations. There are some fruitful directions for people to resist, however, including #CanceltheRent car caravans planned for Saturday in Washington, DC, New York City and nationwide.

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, national coordinator with Movement for a People's Party, joined the conversation to update political misfits everywhere about the work underway to create a viable, powerful party that actually represents the people. The Democrats have undercut the left for too long, and that machine is clearly not reformable from the inside. The Movement for a People’s Party is intended to remedy that. It’s time for a leader who is willing to tell the truth, not talk out of both sides of their mouth, as those operating under the umbrella of the DNC have to do. She talks about how to shift from being a protest party to a real force and what prevents people from taking power.

Misfit hosts Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas also tore into President Donald Trump’s latest terrible medical advice, some good news from the limited antibody testing done this week, how we can tell we’re not in “The Matrix,” madness in Las Vegas, COVID-19 and pets and some other news.

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