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Biden: Blackness Judge, Trashing Tara, the Next Bubble, Earth Healing?

Biden: Blackness Judge, Trashing Tara, the Next Bubble, Earth Healing?
Joe Biden says anyone questioning a vote for him “ain’t black.” Isn’t it time to show Democrats they can’t have black votes for nothing?

Steve Grumbine, founder of the nonprofit Real Progressives and host of the podcast Macro n Cheese, tells hosts Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas that we are cruising for an economic crisis triggered by dodgy commercial property loans, and that this whole racket has been conducted and shielded for decades. The same people who are evaluating the creditworthiness of these loans, and of the securities they’re packaged into, are exactly the ones who created the last loan crisis. This is an entire criminal enterprise organized to enrich a very few people who know exactly what they’re doing, he says. As for the rest of us, the results of this crash will be biblical. There are efforts underway to stimulate local commerce, including looking into alternative currencies. 

Guy McPherson, scientist, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and at the University of Arizona, explains how cleanup efforts can spread carcinogens. Climate change can, too: as dams break, pollutants are carried further; as wind speeds increase, harmful particles find new places to contaminate. A warming planet is also more hospitable for infectious disease. A tiny new virus can have huge, global effects, he says, and what we’re seeing now is just the beginning. There is some good news, however: this lockdown has slashed global carbon emissions, and renewable energy is on track to eclipse coal use in the US by the end of 2020. These are both positive trends, but climate change is a thorny issue, Guy reminds us. We’ve already overused extractive energies and pushed our planet to the brink, and greenhouse gasses aren’t our only problem. There might be technological solutions to help ameliorate these problems, but if we can’t tackle them, soon, it's time to begin saying goodbye to life as we know it. 

The Misfits also got into Klob for VP, the US exiting the Open Skies treaty, the double standard on China and Hong Kong, the continued trashing of Tara Reade, and Biden’s sneaky position on Syria.

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