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Another Unarmed Black Man Killed by Police in Atlanta: The Struggle for Justice Continues!

Another Unarmed Black Man Killed by Police in Atlanta: The Struggle for Justice Continues!
On this episode of The Critical Hour, Dr. Wilmer Leon is joined by Dr. Clarence Lusane, political scientist and internationally recognized expert on comparative and international politics; and Dr. Lenneal Henderson, professor in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Virginia State University.

Well, it’s Monday, so what does that mean? The police have killed another unarmed African-American man or woman. I don’t say that to sound trite, disinterested or dismissive — just the opposite. This is insane, just insane. Rayshard Brooks had fallen asleep in his vehicle at a Wendy’s drive-through Friday night in Atlanta, Georgia. He was shot and killed by Atlanta Police Department Officer Garrett Rolfe — who has since been fired — after struggling with two officers, grabbing a Taser from one of them and then fleeing on foot, otherwise unarmed. 

There’s an ongoing debate about what to do with the additional $600 per week unemployment benefit that people have been receiving from the US federal government. According to a Monday report in Common Dreams, “Economists have warned that in addition to 'causing avoidable human misery,' ending the enhanced unemployment insurance 'would severely hamper spending — and, by extension, the overall economic recovery.' With the US jobless rate still at levels not seen since the Great Depression and coronavirus-induced mass layoffs continuing across the nation, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow complained Sunday that the $600-per-week increase in unemployment insurance authorized by the CARES Act is too generous and said the benefits should expire at the end of July."

"The US Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear eight cases involving a legal defense called qualified immunity that can be used to shield government officials from lawsuits, including seven involving police accused of excessive force or other misconduct," Reuters reported Monday. What does this mean going forward?

"The top UN human rights body agreed on Monday to hold an urgent debate on allegations of 'systemic racism, police brutality and violence against peaceful protests' in the United States and elsewhere on Wednesday," Reuters reported Monday, citing a statement from the UN Human Rights Council. "The United States is not a member of the 47-member state forum in Geneva, having quit it two years ago alleging bias against its ally Israel," Reuters noted.

According to Ahmed Abdulkareem's June 11 piece in MintPress News, "As focus begins to turn to developments in Libya and the foreign interference that plagues the Arab country, it seems that Turkey already has its eye elsewhere, preparing for military involvement in Yemen in a move that has sparked concern among Yemenis already struggling against an intervention led by Saudi Arabia, famine and most recently, COVID-19." What's going on here?


Dr. Clarence Lusane — Political scientist, author and former chairman of the Political Science Department at Howard University. He’s an internationally recognized expert on comparative and international politics.

Dr. Lenneal Henderson — Professor in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Virginia State University.

Dr. Dania Francis — Assistant professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

David Schultz — Professor of political science at Hamline University, where he teaches American politics, and professor of law specializing in election law at the University of Minnesota Law School. He is the author of “Presidential Swing States: Why Only Ten Matter”.

Ajamu Baraka — Co-founder of the Black Alliance for Peace and former US vice-presidential nominee for the Green Party.

Dr. Gerald Horne — Holder of the Moores Professorship of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston. He is one of the most prolific writers of our time. His latest book is "The Dawning of the Apocalypse: The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, Settler Colonialism, and Capitalism in the Long Sixteenth Century."

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