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Battle Over DC's "Black House" Zone

Battle Over DC's "Black House" Zone
On today's episode of Fault Lines, hosts Shane Stranahan and Jamarl Thomas had in-depth discussions about the latest developments in the Black Lives Matter movement and John Bolton's new book.


Wyatt Reed - Sputnik News Analyst and Producer for By Any Means Necessary, which airs on Radio Sputnik M-F from 2-4PM | Police Attack/Repression of Journalists

Maram Susli - Political Commentator and Geopolitical Analyst | Effects of Negative Oil Prices on Middle East

Lucy Komisar - Investigative Journalist focusing on corporate and financial corruption | Browder's Response to Her Comments

Manila Chan - TV Reporter for RT America | Adapting Her Media Operation During Coronavirus

In the first hour, Jamarl Thomas said it's irrational to expect a rational response to an irrational system. Shane and Jarmarl also spoke to Sputnik producer Wyatt Reed about his experiences covering the clashes between protestors and police at the area near the White House that has been dubbed "Black Lives Matter Plaza." Reed described the back and forth that intensified as the day wore on but said he is optimistic the protestors will make long-term gains on their agenda.

In the second hour, Jamarl and Shane talked to Maram Susli, aka Syrian Girl, about whether the Black Lives Matter protests fit the pattern of "color revolutions." Maram said that she agrees with many of the underlying problems she sees the movement for black lives addressing but is very concerned it has already been co-opted by the Biden campaign. She also relayed some of how the history of Martin Luther King, Jr., connects to Zionism and how that concerns her.

Shane and Jamarl also spoke to investigative journalist Lucy Komisar, who did a deep dive into John Bolton's new book and its defense of Bill Browder. She detailed his version of what happened at the historic Helsinki meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin and explained how the lies by financier Bill Browder worked into Bolton's narrative... and who benefits.

In the third hour, the hosts talked to veteran newswoman Manila Chan from RT's In Question about her take on the nationwide protests. She discussed what she's learned about the impact of slavery on America's black population and the effect it has today.

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