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New Normal: Face Masks That Are Transparent, Translate Into Eight Languages & Deactivate Covid-19

© Photo : Cliu Cliu face mask
Cliu face mask - Sputnik International
"Wearing a mask has never been so cool” is the motto of an Italian company that produces see-through face covering - an idea undertaken by a number of businesses around the world in response to the spread of coronavirus.

The World Health Organization guidance says that even though the use of masks alone is not enough to provide adequate protection from Covid-19, wearing a medical mask can limit the spread of the virus.

Made in Italy

Various businesses have jumped on the opportunity to create a modified version of a regular single-use medical mask to offer consumers different options when it comes to protective facewear.

An Italian brand Cliu has generated transparent face masks that are claimed to protect against viruses, inform the wearer about the breathing quality and the presence of outbreaks nearby. Cliu mask provides for people with disabilities, such as hearing difficulties or deafness, “to better understand and to immediately grasp any dangerous information.” 

© Photo : CliuCliu face mask
New Normal: Face Masks That Are Transparent, Translate Into Eight Languages & Deactivate Covid-19 - Sputnik International
Cliu face mask

Citing Italian fashion as inspiration in the time of a crisis, such as world pandemics or conflicts, Cliu offers consumers to “choose the colours of the mask and the frame that best suit you.”

​Smart Mask 

A mask developed by a Japanese start-up Donut Robotics is connected to the Internet and has the option of translating the user’s speech into eight languages.

The C-Face smart mask connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone and tablet application, which makes it possible to not only translate the wearer’s speech but also amplify their voice, which can be handy in public places, shops, and transport.

"It delivers your voice to the smartphone of the other party and realizes "to convert voice into letters", "translate in 8 languages", and "create minutes". Of course, our robot "cinnamon" can also give instructions from a distance. I hope that it will be useful in a society where people live apart from each other. Currently, only sounds and characters are used, but in the future, it will be expanded to image systems (AR, VR, etc.). It is a new communication device in the rapidly progressing online and digital world,” Donut Robotics explain.  

Covid-19 Fighter

Researchers at the University of Toronto announced this week that TrioMed Active mask, a surgical mask produced by a Canadian company, focused on the development and manufacturing of novel antimicrobial products, provide an advanced level of protection against Covid-19.

"The TrioMed Active Mask is the first and only respiratory protection that is scientifically proven to deactivate the virus causing Covid-19, therefore drastically reducing the risk of contamination for the wearer", said Pierre Jean Messier, founder and CEO of i3 Biomedical Inc.
"Our company spent years and millions of dollars to develop this interactive antimicrobial technology. The resulting products are used by the medical community around the world and have been tested by independent laboratories to kill numerous microbes, such as MRSA, VRE, E-Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Influenza Virus and now SARS-CoV-2. This third-party scientific testing confirms TrioMed's leading position in medical antimicrobial technology available in the global fight against Covid-19," Messier added. 

Among the features of the TrioMed Active Mask are a five-year shelf life and viral filtration efficiency of more than 99.9%

"Wool" Filter 

A New Zealand company, claiming to produce the world's most innovative face mask, focuses on the anti-pollution feature when it comes to protective facewear.

“Our mask’s distinctive shape and unique wool filter reduces the build-up of moisture and heat which is common with other masks. The filters have extended particle capture ability, resulting in superior performance,” says MEO™. 

The mask is designed using New Zealand’s best qualities, according to MEO™, who use what they call a “Helix™ Filter”  to allow  the wearer to receive a steady stream of purified air “because it takes less energy to draw air through the filter.”

Leaf Mask

Similarly to Cliu, another mask producer, LEAF, make see-through masks that include a permanent anti-fog coating on the inside.

© Photo : LEAFLEAF mask
New Normal: Face Masks That Are Transparent, Translate Into Eight Languages & Deactivate Covid-19 - Sputnik International
LEAF mask

LEAF mask is the world's first FDA registered mask, according to the producers, equipped with a N99+ HEPA filter.

Rustic and Folksy

For those who prefer home-made masks to the high-tech alternatives currently on the market, hundreds of sellers on various online marketplaces, as well as social media, offer their creations to consumers.


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WHO stresses that masks should cover the mouth and nose and should be tied securely to minimize any gaps. The face mask should be replaced as soon as it becomes damp, while single-use masks should be disposed of immediately upon removal.

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