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President Trump Heading to Kenosha

President Trump Heading to Kenosha
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talked about the news of the day as well as topics including modern monetary theory, the Democratic National Convention, and Roger Stone.


Steve Grumbine - Political, Economic and Social Justice Activist, Founder of Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action | Biden and Betrayal 

Demitrius Minor - Minister, Political and Cultural Commentator, Author | A Pastor on Politics & Protests 

Randy Credico- Political Satirist, Civil Rights Activist, Prankster | Randy Rips Roger

In Jamarl's first hour monologue, he criticized Biden for using his deceased son to garner support for a healthcare plan that is not Medicare For All. He said the Democrats are moving right, betraying the real left.

Then Shane and Jamarl talked to modern monetary theory expert Steve Grumbine, who began by saying that he thinks alternative currencies such as bitcoin are less currencies and more commodities. Then the conversation turned to how the Democrats are managing Joe Biden in 2020, and Steve agreed with Jamarl that not running on a strong Medicare For All policy platform is unsatisfactory and said that as a voter, not just a policy person, he finds the notion that the Democrats are the only alternative for progressives to be offensive. Then they discussed modern monetary theory and Steve said that a lot of people have misconceptions about the way money works in his opinion and that when the government approves a spending policy, it prints the money to cover that spending, which creates value in the marketplace.

In the second hour, they were joined by Demetrius Minor, who said that even as someone who is broadly on the right, he found the Democratic National Convention more compelling than the Republicans’, saying that he did not think the conventions would really move the needle either way for anybody but the hard-core political junkie. He expanded on that to say that he found Donald Trump's speech to be too long. Demetrius said that as a minister, he thinks neither side of the political aisle is doing a good job bringing the country together about the nationwide protests, and he feels that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are incapable of taking the biblical advice to be quick to listen and slow to speak.

In the third hour, the hosts were joined by Randy Credico. Jamarl said he didn't like the way that previous guests had been. Randy said he was lied about and he felt like a fall guy. Randy said Roger Stone's accusation that he had impersonated Roger was false and said that Stone had no connection to Wikileaks and that Randy considers Stone to be a showboater. He also said that filmmaker David Lugo slandered him. Randy discussed the history of his relationship with Roger Stone, and he said Stone supported Randy when he ran as a Libertarian candidate for Senate and said that they got along for the most part personally. Randy also discussed the Black Lives Matter protests and Randy said people have had enough. 

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