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Assange Trial Update; Climate Change Deniers; Biden Ukraine Report

Assange Trial Update; Climate Change Deniers; Biden Ukraine Report
In a trial that has been unfair, unclear and misunderstood, can justice be served?

Mohammed Elmaazi, journalist and editor of the Interregnum, joins us to discuss the latest in the Julian Assange trial in London. Yesterday and today the court was told that Assange poses a serious suicide risk - which was of course sad to hear. What role will this risk play in the defense’s case? Also, a lot of his testimony seemed to be about protecting the names of US sources on the ground - what did we hear in Assange’s defense about the charges that he recklessly endangered people by making their names public?

Guy McPherson, scientist, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology at the University of Arizona, joins us to talk about a shocking report out that after a spring and summer that saw record-breaking heat waves above the Arctic Circle — with 100+ degree Fahrenheit temperatures — the sea ice floating atop the Arctic Ocean reached its annual minimum extent last Wednesday, with 1.44 million square miles of sea ice remaining, coming in a close second to 2012. In the last decade, Arctic sea ice cover has declined drastically. What does this melting mean and what does it mean for the Arctic to enter a new ecological state?

Caleb Maupin, journalist and political analyst to talk about the Bidens, Ukraine and Senate Republicans report; Navalny and calls for the West to “do something,” and a boat load of bank financial crimes! What does it all mean?

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