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It's So Easy to Hate

It’s So Easy to Hate
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan discussed current events and the state of Wisconsin having certified the election for Joe Biden.


George Szamuely - Senior Research Fellow at Global Policy Institute | Biden Administration, Iran, and Yugoslavia

Lucy Komisar - Investigative Journalist at TheKomisarScoop.com | Bill Browder, Media Disinformation, and Browder’s Loss in Court

In the first hour, Lee spoke with George Szamuely about Biden announcing not reentering in the Iran Nuclear Deal, the Biden cabinet, and the history of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. Host Lee and George discussed the recent assassination of an Iranian scientist and Iran’s inability to defend itself.  George gave a detailed history of what occurred in Yugoslavia before and after the breakup of the Soviet Union, as well as the IMF involvement in Yugoslavia.

In the second hour, Lee spoke with investigative journalist Lucy Komisar, discussing the history of Bill Browder, the continuing media disinformation on Bill Browder and the Magnitsky Act, and the court decision made against Bill Browder in Switzerland. Lucy talked about her work covering Bill Browder and the lies both liberal and conservative outlets continue repeating and allow Browder to repeat. Lucy spoke on the recent Switzerland court decision to drop Browder’s case, based on lack of evidence.

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