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Deciding Who Counts, Fighting for Oak Flat, Making (Good) Black Horror

Deciding Who Counts, Fighting for Oak Flat, Making (Good) Black Horror
No wonder we blame ourselves for our troubles when we talk about “the economy” as a mysterious god. Let’s bring things back down to earth.

Sara Dady, an immigration attorney in Illinois and a former Democratic congressional candidate, and Jason Dzubow, an immigration attorney at Dzubow & Pilcher and a blogger at The Asylumist, join Misfit hosts Bob Schlehuber and Michelle Witte to discuss the case before the Supreme Court on whether to count undocumented immigrants for Electoral College and Congressional apportioning. They dig into the ramifications of the case and make predictions about Joe Biden’s immigration policy. 

Levi Rickert, editor of Native News Online, breaks down the Trump administration’s efforts to force through mining on sacred Apache land at Oak Flat, including how the Apache see the land, what copper mining would do to it, how long this fight has actually been going (it didn’t start with Trump, folks), and other efforts by Native Americans to protect their environments. 

Award-winning editorial cartoonist and columnist Ted Rall dropped by to talk about Facebook’s efforts to control political messages on its platform, the lessons Democrats haven’t learned from this election, and the battle between church, state and capitalism in New York. 

Jacquie Luqman, cohost of Radio Sputnik’s “By Any Means Necessary,” gets into the importance of diversifying horror, the impact that could have on the genre, and the gems, like “His House,” that black horror writers and filmmakers are producing. 

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