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Yankee Detectives Are Always on the TV

Yankee Detectives Are Always on the TV
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan discussed current events, including Pastor Mark Burns announcing on Twitter the pardoning of Julian Assange by President Trump, the Electoral College counting votes for the President, and the Washington Post announcing Russia’s alleged hacking of US agencies.


Lucy Komisar - Investigative Journalist at TheKomisarScoop.com  | Preet Bharara, Prevezon case, and Bill Browder/Magnitsky

Jared Beck - Attorney, Author | Supreme Court, Mass Media, and State Secession

In the first hour, Lee spoke with investigative journalist Lucy Komisar. Lucy discussed the role of the Southern District of New York in financial fraud cases, Bill Browder, and Todd Hyman. Lucy talked about Preet Bharara and his background as chief counsel of Senator Schumer, his involvement in the Browder/Magnitsky case, and his involvement in the Prevezon case. Host Lee and Lucy reviewed the testimony of DHS investigator Todd Hyman and his admissions in the testimony.

In the second hour, Lee talked with Jared Beck and discussed the Supreme Court dismissing President Trump’s best chance to overturn the election, Jared’s experience at Harvard Law School, and possible state secession from the United States. Jared talked about the problems with mass media and the narrow political perspective it has programmed into Americans. Host Lee and Jared covered the recent discussion from certain states in possible secession from the US.

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