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New Video of Capitol Attack; Nord Stream Bribe Scheme; Biden, Xi Speak

New Video of Capitol Attack; Nord Stream Bribe Scheme; Biden, Xi Speak
Democrats have human empathy and shocking video on their side - but will it be enough to upend this ultimately political impeachment trial?

Kevin Kamps, radioactive waste watchdog at Beyond Nuclear, discusses efforts to simply get the US government to follow its own laws and prevent dangerous nuclear waste from being stored in inadequate facilities. He gets into the history of nuclear waste storage, what it means to transport this stuff across the country, and the way cronyism among industry, government and regulators makes us all less safe. 

Peter Oliver, RT International's Europe correspondent, breaks down how the German government has attempted to sweeten the Nord Stream 2 deal with the US, resorting to what some people describe as bribery. He also makes some predictions about the future of the pipeline, and about future US-Germany relations.

Kei Pritsker, journalist with BreakThrough News, joins Misfit hosts Michelle Witte and Bob Schlehuber to discuss the way homeless people are pushed out of public areas but not offered other refuge, the use of “technical” parole violations to feed the carceral system and the secret pollution of some major public transportation systems. He also gets into the US relationship with China and the China-UK media spat. 

Attorney and advisor to Students for Sensible Drug Policy Mike Liszewski talks about the haphazard evolution of marijuana law and policy, and how inconsistencies leave businesses vulnerable. He also discusses efforts to ensure people once punished for selling cannabis can get into the now-booming industry, and efforts to make the pace of expungement and sentencing reform match the pace of cannabis industry growth. 

The Misfits also talk unemployment numbers, Larry Flynt, and the American hero who took on AT&T.

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