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Bodies Outside of Hospitals in India as America Pledges Help But Hordes AstraZeneca Vaccine

Bodies Outside Of Hospitals In India As America Pledges Help But Hordes AstraZeneca Vaccine
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talked with guests about Biden's recognition of the Armenian Genocide, the ongoing civil conflict in Myanmar, unions saying they're ready to play hardball with Democrats, and the consequences of the anti-tobacco PACT Act.


Yusuf Erim – Editor-At-Large at TRT World | Biden Recognizes the Armenian Genocide, The History of Atrocities

Carl Zha – Host of the Silk and Steel Podcast | Myanmar Update, China's Cultural Policies

John Logan – Professor and Director of Labor and Employment Studies at SFSU | Unions Pushing Democrats to Pass the PRO Act

Mark Frost – Economics Professor and Entrepreneur | PACT Act Hits Cannabis Vape Market

In our first hour, we were joined by Yusuf Erim for a fiery conversation on the Armenian Genocide, getting into the history of atrocities perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire during its last days and looking critically at the portrayal of the genocide in modern Turkey.

In our second hour, we were joined by Carl Zha to talk about ongoing activist pushback in Myanmar and the military coup government's talks during the ASEAN meetings. We moved to a conversation on Chinese culture and some locally unpopular attempts by the PRC government to shift media coverage and increase masculinity in young men.

In our third hour, we were joined by John Logan for a discussion on the PRO Act as unions push hard on Democrats to pass the bill, which would remove states' abilities to pass right-to-work laws alongside other pro-union provisions. After that, we were joined by Mark Frost by a conversation on the PACT Act, a law designed to limit the use of tobacco products which has had wider consequences on the vape industry, with multiple cannabis vape cartridge companies shuttering after their businesses were hit by the provisions in the bill.

We also discuss India's COVID-19 nightmare as the number of infections registered sets another anti-record with more than 300,000 new cases.

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