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The War in Afghanistan Ends

The War in Afghanistan Ends
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan and co-host John Kiriakou discussed current events, including Facebook suspending a grieving Gold Star mother after angry posts aimed at president Biden, and both Llyod Austin, Mark Milley under pressure to resign over Afghan pullout.
Joel Segal - Former Congressional Staffer, Co-Author of HR 676 | Supreme Court Decision on Evictions, Trump's 2020 Eviction Moratorium, and Landlords Hurting Financially 
Tyler Nixon - Attorney, Media Relations Specialist | Andrew Weissman, FBI Corruption, and January 6th Riot
In the first hour, Lee and John spoke with Joel Segal about the upcoming evictions in America, CDC taking charge of the eviction moratorium, and bipartisan failures. Joel spoke about his work to help people expecting to be evicted and the lack of apathy from all levels of government. Joel discussed the recent Supreme Court decision on evictions and his call for emergency meetings from both political parties.
In the second hour, Lee and John spoke with Tyler Nixon about Roger Stone being sued for the January 6th riot, the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot, and corruption in the justice department. Tyler talked about the lawfare used against Roger Stone and the Trump campaign. Tyler discussed the uncovered corruption in the FBI after details were released on the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot.
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