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New Orleans After Ida; Texas Abortion Ban; Police Violence

New Orleans After Ida; Texas Abortion Ban; Police Violence
Texas effectively bans abortions across the state. What this means for Roe v Wade and abortion rights.
Ashton Woods, community activist with Black Lives Matter Houston, tells us about the current situation in New Orleans after Hurricane Ida pummeled Louisiana and parts of the American South over the weekend. 990,000 customers in Louisiana and 37,000 in Mississippi are still without power. We talk about how people are dealing with the situation in the city, whether the government was better prepared this time around after the experience of Hurricane Katrina, whether the infrastructure was properly repaired after that disaster, the intersection between climate change and natural disasters, and about how people can help communities in the areas affected by the hurricane. 
Mary Ziegler, author of “Abortion in America: A Legal History, Roe v. Wade to the Present” and professor at Florida State University College of Law, joins us in a conversation about a Texas law taking effect today that would ban abortions across the state after state after six weeks gestation, which effectively constitutes a general prohibition on abortion, the particularities of how this law could be enforced, whether this would set a precedent that could be replicated in other states, and whether it will be rolled back in the future after it is challenged.
Sean Michael Love, founder and editor-in-chief of Black House News, joins hosts Michelle Witte and Bob Schlehuber to talk about the ongoing wave of police brutality, with the police killings of Mike Rosado in Bronx, the Metropolitan Police Department’s killing of Antwan Gilmore, and whether elected officials have responded to the call for real police reform. We also talk about how Target fostered partnerships with law enforcement, becoming one of the most influential corporate donors to law enforcement agencies and police foundations, and the intersection between corporations and state violence. 
Justin Williams, co-host of Redspin Sports, talks to us about the case of Trevor Bauer, and whether he will face any legal repercussions beyond his suspension after abuse accusations surfaced in the past few months. We also talk about USA Gymnastics’ $425 million settlement with Larry Nassar’s victims, and Nike giving staff time off for mental health breaks. 
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